The best Locks for Home Security

The best Locks for Home Security

During this generation, home security is becoming a very vital part of our lives. However, this can only be achieved by first looking into the common things we come across every day. Locks for our doors are the key to better security. There are many types of home locks but all are not the best.
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Keyless locks

As technology progresses, everything even to the field of security improves. Keyless locks are becoming common to us. These types of locks include biometric and the Bluetooth locks. Others are finger print driven locks. These are the type of locks you can trust to secure your home. The locks are keypad operated and that is why they are hard to pass. The best feature with this lock is that, an anti-theft rolling code always makes sure that a code is not used twice. Other types of this kind of locks sound an alarm when an incorrect code is entered more than three times.

Deadbolt locks

deadbolt5This type of lock is a safe lock for homes also. With these locks, it means that the bolt is dead and needs a knob or key to manually move it.

This type of lock is secure compared to the keyless locks. The lock has three main parts which are, key accessible cylinder, the bolt which slides sliding inside the door jamb and the thumb turn. This allows for the manual control of the lock which makes it safe.

In the case of a glass door, this kind of lock has a double cylinder deadbolt. This needs the use of a key from both sides.

Smart locks

keyless1Smart locks are slowly getting common to us. They are also becoming the best Locks for Home Security. These locks are programmed locks that use mobile phone apps. They are remote access systems that will notify you in case of home entry through emails or text messages using photos. These systems may help in limiting door accessibility hours and days during particular periods. These smart locks also provide you with the feature of checking whether you have locked your home or not. You will be able to lock or unlock your home in any location.

These smart locks come in different features

  • Mobile apps

Some of these home locks interfere with you through apps. These apps will enable you do things such as identifying a visitor, receive a notification that someone got into or left your home or help in providing virtual keys to other people. Some app also enables the use of an electronic fob. This enables you to use the lock without your phone which is a good option for your children and workers.

  • Keys

Most smart locks also come with keys. In case of a power malfunction or you lose your phone. This will keep you sure of getting home in case of any of the above.

Entry locksets

These are medium sized security locks for a home. These kinds of locks have two door knobs. They can be locked from both the inside and outside of a house. These door locks feature re-key technology which is fully adjustable. They also have double cylinder deadbolts which make them more secure.

Mortise locks

These are common locks found in residential homes. This kind of lock consists of a flat rectangular box. The box fits into the door from the edge and includes two faceplates containing knobs and keyholes. The latch on this kind of locks can be operated from both sides unless the outside knob is locked. The deadbolt to this lock operates by turning of the inside knob


These are not the only types of locks available. There are hundreds of home locks available however; these are among the safest locks to use. It is advisable that you choose a lock depending what you find as the best locks for Home Security. It is therefore good for you to do further research on the type of lock you want to use before installing it. For improved security also you need to install some security extras at your home. These are devices that provide light security and are used together with other lock types to boost security of a home.

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The Best Home Door Locks

The Best Home Door Locks

Protecting your properties including home, business buildings among other is the most important thing. Apart from deploying security guards or installing electric fences, it is obvious that houses, gates, and cars among others must be kept away from burglars and other unauthorized intruders. Therefore, locking your premises with high-quality locks is the most important thing. It is the first step in securing your belongings. There exist high-quality locks in the market that are approved and tested. The trick is how to know which lock is the best. In this article, I will present you with a list of the best home door locks that you can use to keep your home more secure, with help from our friends at

  1. Keyless locks

Keyless Entry3Keyless locks are the best types of locks for advanced home security and convenience. The lock features an anti-theft rolling code that ensure the code is only used ones. Some keyless locks models have an alarm that sounds when an incorrect code is entered for more than three times in a row. The better part of the keyless locks is that some models are even compatible with select particular garage door openers or other security home systems. The keyless locks can be used to replace any standard deadbolts on the exterior doors.

  1. Mortise locks

These types of locks are common in most residential doors. The lockset of the mortise locks consists of a flat rectangular box that fits well into a recess in the door from its edge. It includes two faceplates with keyholes and knobs.

  1. Goji smart locks

Goji Smart Lock1This lock comes with wonderful features to boost and enhance the security of your home. This device works via Bluetooth for smartphone and fob proximity unlocking. It also works with Wi-Fi for remote control functionality. The manufacturer of this lock, Goji, offers customer service in case you lock out yourself without your phone near. The Goji lock comes with two mechanical backup keys and four electronic keys. It guarantees maximum home security.

  1. Kwikset kevo and kevo plus locks

A very smart door lock that is very much close to the standard of a deadbolt lock. It is a Bluetooth lock that works work by touch, just taping the lock and it unlocks provided the keyfob, or your smartphone is near. The lock comes with two physical keys and two electronic keys or rather ekeys. Also, it comes with free unlimited 24-hour guest keys. With kwikset kevo plus lock, a person is able to unlock the door remotely and get updates such as who had entered your home.

  1. Haven locks

Haven is another good technology lock that is anchored at the base of the front door, which is the strongest point. It serves as a mechanical barrier to whoever attempts to open the door. It is released or operated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, the lock has physical footplate that releases the lock in case of an emergency. The Haven locks work much better with Apple home kit and the nest thermostat.

  1. Schlage locks

The lock has up to 19 user programmable codes enough for every family member, relative or and one r two friends. The lock is operated and managed by an internet connected device such as a smartphone. It is, therefore, possible to unlock the door remotely without having to give out the code.

  1. August smart locks

This lock is among the latest and newest lock models in the market today. The lock is configured to detect when a person is approaching or going for it to unlock. It is easy to control and manage this lock from an iOS, Android, or an online app. It is a Bluetooth operated lock that can replace the deadbolt locks to improve the security of your home. The lock, which is powered by 4AA batteries, can send low battery alerts to your phone when needed.

  1. Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks

This lock opens with an RID tag or a passcodes. It requires the input of multi-leveled security codes before inputting the actual code. It is, therefore, hard to detect fingerprints in case of unauthorized people such as criminals. The lock is packed with a burglar alarm and a fire detection sensor.

The security of your home is very important. Adding any of the above electronic locks to your home is a great deal of stepping up the security. They are the best home door locks that cannot be opened by an unauthorized person. All of the above locks are controlled and manage with an internet connected device.

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Rekeying Verse Changing Your Locks

Rekeying Verse Changing Your Locks

Before you settle on whether to change the locks or rekey your home, it is important to know what rekeying actually is. So, before you jump the gun and spend the extra money on a whole new lock and key set, and all new hardware, consider these important factors pertaining to both, and when it is best to rekey, or simply go ahead and change all hardware with a new lock set.

Rekeying –

rekeying a lockWhat exactly is rekeying? It involves changing the lock tumblers so all wafers are in an order which is different than they previously were. Effectively you keep the same lock and simply change out the keys. The new code from the lock tumblers is then matched with a new set of keys, and you basically have a brand new set, since the old keys will no longer work in the system. With all ANSI security grade 1 or higher systems, rekeying is an option that is available to you.

What are the benefits of rekeying versus changing the system? For starters there is no need for new hardware, so it is far more affordable than changing all lock sets. It is far more convenient, and you don’t have to worry about lock lines, repainting, or doing other work which is required when you completely change the lock set.

Although rekeying is far more convenient and is typically much cheaper, there are some instances in which you should consider simply changing out the hardware and spending a bit more for an entirely new lock set. So, when should you invest in a new lock set for your home? Consider these situations below.

Changing your locks –

lock replace1Although you are going to spend more money investing in new locks, there are certain situations in which you should bypass rekeying, and simply jump to invest in a new lock set. So, what are the situations in which you should consider a new lock and key set for your home? Consider these instances below to determine if it is time for you to invest in a new system.

1. Damage has occurred –

If a mishap has caused damage, if burglary has occurred, or if your home has otherwise been broken into and the lock set has been damaged, it is time to spring for a new lock set. It is also a good idea to consider it in the event of burglary (such as a recent break in around the neighborhood). When the assembly system and frames have been so worn down that rekeying them isn’t a possibility it is time to replace the old lock set with a new one.

2. Too old –

If your locks are older than your home, or if they are too old to find the parts for, you should consider new locks. If it is an antique set or if the manufacturer of your old set is no longer in business, these are signs that the time has come for a new lock set. Not only will this be cheaper than trying to shop around for parts, but new locks today are far more durable, offer far more intrusion and security protection, and you can find a new lock set for nearly any decor or style you wish to maintain, if you do like an older, eclectic theme for decorating the home’s exterior.

3. More security is needed –

Again, if a recent break in occurred where you live and you seek higher security, a new lock set provides far more than rekeying your old set. Or if your old locks have an inferior security level, you should consider upgrading to ANSI 1 level, in order to ensure optimal levels of security are attained in the home. Top brands not only offer these higher security, greater protection lock sets, but today you can find a variety of options, for much less than you would anticipate, when you have decided to replace your old lock set for your home.

When it comes to deciding between rekeying or replacing, these are some factors homeowners should consider. If any of the above have occurred, it might be time for you to consider replacing; otherwise, in many instances, rekeying affords the security you seek, and a far more affordable option for added security for your home.

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Learn About Keyless Entry For Your Home

Learn About Keyless Entry For Your Home

If you want to prevent unrestricted entry by burglars and thieves into your home then you will need to learn about keyless entry for your home. With the right entry equipment, you can be rest assured that nobody enters your home in your absence and it also helps in protecting the valuable possessions that are inside your home. With the technological advancements, a large multitude of amazing systems have been invented for preventing uninvited guests and unwanted intruders from entering into your home. The specially programmed key card enables the master or mistress of the home to access control to get through. It also records the time of entry into the home along with having beneficial features like face detection and fingerprint recognition. Thanks to the professional locksmiths of for the useful information.


Electronic deadboltWith keyless entry for your home, you will not have to lock and unlock the doors of your home with a key as there are keyless electronic door locks that has been especially designed for protecting your home when you are not present. You will not have to use a key for entering your home but you can use the Bluetooth technology through a key fob, smart key or Smartphone for gaining entry into your home. With the use of Bluetooth, you can unlock your doors automatically as you are within the close range of deadbolt but when your device is out of the range then it can automatically get locked. Keyless entry for your home is very convenient as you will just have to push the button for unlocking the doors. Apart from the convenience, it also helps you to save time and it also makes the entry into your home much easier. It helps you to cut down the amount of time for entering into your home so that you can save considerable amount of time. Keyless entry has been gaining immense popularity among homeowners as it helps in the safety and security of your home. With this system you will not have individual keys for all the family members as these systems are very efficient. It also provides less opportunity for the intruders for invading into your home as you will have complete control over the accessibility of your home. When you install keyless system in your home, you will have better control over who gets inside your home and you can also identify any suspicious person from entering into your home. The remote cell phone door answering features allows you unlock the doors of your home remotely with the use of cell phone that acts as a trigger. It also allows you to send doorbell alert to your cell phone as well as the cell phone of other members of your family.


Electronic locksYou should learn about keyless entry for your home because it is very beneficial for you since you will not have to worry about stolen, lost or duplicate keys as these systems are activated by your cell phone. You also have the option of reprogramming these features which is quick and easy as it gives you complete control over the individuals that comes and goes into your home. Keyless entry system also helps in improving efficiency and saves your valuable time with its remote, hands free activation. The digital door locking device in your home consists of electronic circuits that send wireless signals to automatic door when you want to gain access to your home. The locking system of your home can be operated with the remote or cell phones that work on wireless signals. The automatic locking system makes use of remote and hence the doors of your home cannot be opened by thieves and burglars. It minimizes the chances of theft in your home and it cannot be misused by any other individuals apart from you and your family members. The keyless system remote has the capacity of locking and unlocking if your home door from a distance of about 2 kilometers. Hence it provides you an opportunity of controlling the door movement as you have complete control over the accessibility of your home. It provides enhanced security for your home as it has a large number of features that is very important for the safety and security of your home.

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Kwikset Locks – A Great Lock Company

Kwikset Locks – A Great Lock Company

KwiksetttKwikset is a global leader in lock technology. It is well known for providing security and peace of mind with its high-quality door locks and door hardware. The Journey of Kwikset began over 60 years ago when Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart designed a tubular lock named Kwikset to emphasize its speedy installation in 1946. In 1948, a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was built to cater for post-war housing needs for dependable and easy to install lockset. In 1957, the company became a subsidiary of American Hardware Corporation (AHC) of New Britain. It was also in 1957 when it was recognized as number one manufacturer of residential locks, a title the company has held up to today.

Key Dates that Highlight the Revolutionary Journey of Kwikset Locks Technology Innovations

Over the years, Kwikset locks have always been differentiated by their quality, innovation and ease of use. Some of the historical dates that has put Kwikset on a world map include in 1958 when the company launched its legendary K key design with bronze finishing and plastic brass coating. In 1964, the company introduced Kwik-See clear packaging that won first place awards in almost every merchandising category. In 1992, the company strengthened its market position further by introducing higher-quality Titan product line for customers that needed high security.

However, it was in 1998 when Kwikset set the industry benchmark for convenience-oriented security products by introducing remote keyless entry handlesets and deadbolts. In 2002, the company came up with a Kwik-Install feature that made installation nearly flawless with pre-installed screws. The company also reorganized its Kwikset locks into Kwikset UltraMax Security, Kwikset Maximum Security and Kwikset Security. In 2007, the company introduced the revolutionary SmartScan biometric-based keyless security technology that utilizes fingerprint scan and completely eliminates the need for a key or a key code.

In 2007, the company also launched its most successful innovation in the Kwikset locks history the SmartKey re-key technology with BumpGuard protection. The innovation allows users to re-key their own locks quickly and easily while maintaining the highest level of security. In 2008, the company launched its next generation keyless entry SmartCode deadbolt with a smaller and sleeker touchpad design. In 2009, the company developed its trademark Home Connect technology that brings a wide-range of customizable access control options by enabling SmartCode touchpad deadbolt to interoperate with security systems and home automation.

In 2010, the company launched its Key Control Deadbolt that features SmartKey re-key technology as a secure and smart alternative to master keying. In 2010, Kwikset also introduced the affordable Balboa lever and Belleview handleset for families both featuring SmartKey re-key technology. The company also expanded its keyless product offering and launched its first-ever cross-country LiveSmart Mobile Tour.

Kwikset Locks Innovation for Better and Secure Homes for Homeowners

Kwikset YaleDespite offering high-quality security locks, Kwikset continues to launch products that are designed to make your home safer and trendy through innovations that allow automation to address some of the problems with traditional locks. For example, the amazing Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect lock makes it possible to access to your lock from any location. You can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere with a tablet, smart phone or any internet connected device. You will also receive notifications when someone enters your home. This makes it possible to monitor people going in and out of your home.

You can also choose to assign a specific code and create a customized schedule that would allow people into your home at specific times. This Kwikset locks innovation is important when expecting different people into your home such as housekeepers and contractors. The remote access feature also helps you solve some of the life’s unplanned moments easily and conveniently by providing temporary access to those who need it.

The latest Kwikset locks innovations for homeowners also help address some of the traditionally worrying situations such as losing keys, lockouts and unsafe ways of hiding keys by designing security products that do not require keys. The key-less entry kwikset locks enables you to enter your home with a few simple button pushes and lock with just one. The SmartCode feature in keyless products enables homeowners to assign temporary codes to people who may need to enter your home and delete when necessary such as servicers.

The lock solutions by Kwikset also makes it possible to fully automate your home. The lock can communicate with your home automation controller or security system to automatically disarm the security system when the door is unlocked and arm the system when the door is locked. The home management feature also makes it possible to customize your home upon entry. For example, lights can turn on automatically to ensure that you do not enter a dark home among other customizations.

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Is It Expensive to Repair a Car Door Lock?

Is It Expensive to Repair a Car Door Lock?

There’s an old joke among professionals that if a customer asks how much something is and they don’t know the answer, the best response is, “Well, that depends.” It is said that this answer will befuddle a customer long enough for the professional to look up the answer. On the bright side, this answer is perhaps the best one when it comes to someone asking, “Is it expensive to repair a car door lock?” In this case, however, the question begs more information, simply because there are many factors involved in what might be wrong with the car door lock that needs to repaired and, further, what are you calling expensive?


Obviously, if you want to have a repair done on your rusted out and being held together with bailing wire VW bug, it will cost you significantly less than for a brand new Rolls Royce. This should be a given. As for the other side of the equation, what is wrong with the lock, the answer will prove to be significantly more complicated. Thanks to our friends at


Parts vs. Labor


car door lockJust as is the case with virtually any repair that is to be made, there is a significant difference between the cost of the parts used in the repair, and the labor performed to make the repair. The particular shop you are having do the work needs to be added to the figure as well. For example, if the lock of your 2004 BMW 330Ci won’t work, chances are good that your door lock switch needs to be replaced. For this particular repair, labor might cost from $107.50 with $50.72 for parts. This would bring your cost to $158.22. This is not an unreasonable cost. On the other hand, if you took the same car to a dealer, the cost might average between $140.72 and $175.72 or more, a difference in a saving or cost of $17.50. A small independent shop might cost you about $123.00, a savings of about 22 percent.


There are other options, however. For example, some might argue that this type of situation would require a locksmith more than a mechanic, but whomever you choose you should always make sure that they are well qualified to perform the work you need done. After all, even if someone hangs out a sign as a mechanic or a locksmith, doesn’t mean that they are qualified to do the job. As a result, if the repair isn’t done well, chances are good that you will not only end up paying for the job that was done incorrectly, but you will need to find yet another person to do the job right.


The Right Know-How


car door lock repairIf you need to get a car door lock repair made, it might be well worth your time to look at others who might be well qualified to do the work. For example, car audio installers and repair people have a lot of experience working with everything inside of a door panel. This includes locks. Further, you can mitigate the cost of many door lock repairs by purchasing your own parts, which cuts not only the cost of the actual part, but also the markup that is almost always included in the repair sale. After market actuators such as Napa Auto Parts charges from $10 to $75 for partial to complete assemblies. This compares to $50 to $350 from a dealer for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bought parts.


A problem that often follows with this alternative, however, is that anyone who decides to buy their own parts to repair their car door lock should do so only after they are sure what is wrong with the part. If there is a mistake or some other factor that is incorrect, there’s the additional problem with returning incorrect parts, refunds, and purchasing the right part, however many times this takes.


Having a car repaired, whatever the problem might be, is never fun. This is only complicated more by encountering problems and pieces that are often unfamiliar to the customer. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache by working as close as possible with your mechanic or locksmith to determine exactly what is wrong with a part, making sure that quality replacement parts are used for the repair, and that the most qualified person is being used to make it. By using these guidelines, you will far more often than not get a good repair done.

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How To Find A Great Locksmith Service

How To Find A Great Locksmith Service

One cannot emphasize just how important it is to hire the right locksmith for your property. Trust is one of the major factors to put into consideration. Bear in mind that this is a person you will be entrusting with the responsibility of fixing, changing or repairing the locks of your property. It is therefore important that you hire a professional who is not only trustworthy, but also reliable, fast, efficient, dependable and affordable.
local locksmith company in Mesa AZ

The following tips on how to find a great locksmith service will come in handy:

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family members

Your friends or family members might have dealt with a locksmith at one point. It is probably safest to ask for the number of a trustworthy locksmith from them. A personal recommendation is way more reliable than an online one. This is more so if you have never used the services of a locksmith before.

  1. Go local

locksmith recommendationIt is advisable that you go for a local company with a verifiable local address. This not only guarantees you that they are a valid business, but also gives you comfort knowing that they will be readily available should any issues arise or the need to perform follow-up services comes up.

Always go out of your way to verify an address. Some dishonest locksmiths will provide directions on their websites and directories that suggest they are a local operating business. But in reality the address may belong to another business or a non-existent location. Before making the decision to hire, verify that the listed phone numbers and addresses match the physical location.

  1. Choose a professional


locksmith proBefore hiring a locksmith, make sure that they are insured against any damages that may result from their work. A professional locksmith has to be registered and possess certifications from the Associated Locksmiths of America. Even better, he should be a member of the Better Business Bureau. A professional locksmith should be in uniform and possess valid identification. Other things you should look at include the logo on the company vehicle he is driving. A genuine locksmith will arrive in a service vehicle clearly bearing the name and logo of the company he works for. A professional locksmith will be expected to confirm that you are truly the owner of the house or car that needs the services of a locksmith.

  1. Find a locksmith before an emergency situation

It is expected of one to get impatient and fidgety in emergency situations. Your mind will not be thinking straight hence making it difficult to concentrate on finding a good locksmith. Instead of waiting until you are locked out of your car to start researching on where to get efficient services, why not do it when you have time? Once you find a reputable company have the number on speed dial for future use.

  1. Look for 3rd party approval

Associations such as the MLA Approved Company Scheme ensures that a locksmith company has been vetted, undergoes regular inspection and employs locksmiths with proper qualifications and experience. That said, go for locksmiths who have been approved by this association.

  1. Ensure that the company is licensed, insured and bonded.

locksmith scamYou will feel more comfortable working with a company that has all the mentioned qualifications. The fact that it is bonded and insured means that your property will be protected from any damages. The fat that it is licensed means that you will feel confident knowing that your property is being handled by competent and trustworthy individuals.

  1. Get an estimate before any work is done

Always ask for an estimate from the locksmith before any work commences. Should you happen to lock yourself out, the locksmith will give you an estimate over the phone without having to come over first. While at it, ask about any other additional fees. Some companies might charge extra for responding in the middle of the night. Never sign a blank form authorizing work to begin. If the price estimate quoted on the phone doesn’t agree with the price the locksmith gives when he arrives, don’t authorize the work to begin.

In the case of a lock-out, be wary of those locksmiths who tell you that the lock has to be drilled and replaced. An experienced locksmith is expected to possess the tools and education needed to unlock any door without having to drill it first.

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Types of Door Locks

Types of Door Locks

Currently, the technology is changing the world, so do the commercial door locks and your options, especially if you want to protect your home or business. Note that there are several options to secure your property. It is up to you to choose the option that suits your needs and budget.
Door locks can either be key or keyless entry systems. Keyless entry locks include touchscreen deadbolt and keypad style locks. On the other hand, there are variety of key locks on the market. They include padlocks, deadbolts, lever handle locks, cam locks rim or mortise locks, IC cylinders and so on. Thanks to The Sun Lakes Locksmith Pros for all the useful information.

Types of Commercial Door looks for Your Business

Keyless Entry Locks

keyless entry locksThese are more advanced security options that can deter thieves or burglars from robbing your property. Today, many top managers and business owners are worrying about the safety of their investments . Fortunately, keyless door locks offer them with a long lasting remedy since these kinds of locks are more secure than traditional locks. The good news is that keyless security systems can be customized to suit the varying neeeds of clients to ensure that they are protected at all times. Keyless options include:

Touchsceeen Deadbolt

Touchsceeen deadbolt offers a revolutionary top leading security for everything you require to safeguard. This lock comes with a voice guided programming and touchscreen technology, which are both convenient and inexpensive. Many people prefer this kind of lock because it has up to 25 unique codes that are easy to add or delete. It simple and easy to install, and supports a variety of languages in order to meet the set security standards.

Commercial Electronic Keypad Locks

If you have been looking for a reputable commercial door looks that match to your standards, then you can consider using commercial electronic keypad locks. Electronic keypad locks are customized with a wide range of codes for entry. This implies that you have to enter the right code in orderto gain access. It is secure and elegant.


This another keyless lock system that make use of genetic hallmarks as the only way to lock and open a door. Biometric is considered 99 percent secure. It uses a fingerprint scan system to take the details of the user so as to allow access or deny. If the details of the user do not match those in the system, he or she will notbe allowed to access the property. Door locks of these nature are simply amazing and simple.

Key Locks

key lockThere are several types of key locks available on the market, and choosing one can be a daunting process that calls for patience and time. The popular types include:


Padlaocks come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are affordable, portable and easy to recognize locks. Most of them require key to unlock or even lock, but other varieties of padlocks use keypad to lock or open the door. Sadly, they can be decoded. This means that they are not reliable for your home since they are vulnerable to thieves.


They are basically installed on the outer side of your door. Deadbolts are far better than the padlocks in terms of security. They are of three types: single, lockable and thumbturn and double. Single deadbolts are popular in the United States. These locks have a key cylinder on the outside and thumbturn on the inside to close or open the door.
Double deadbolt have cylinders on the inside and outside. In other words, double locks are more secure than single deadbolts since they require a key to open the door from the inside when the door is locked. This can lead to problems in case of fire or any other emergency. It is adviable to leave the key on the inside to reduce chances of risks in a situation of fire outbreak. On the other hand, lockable deadbolts are hybrids between single and double cylinder deadbolts. For this reason, they are more secure than both single and double cylinders.

Lever Handle Knobs

lever handle knobThey are commonly used for inner doors, especially in commercial settings. Lever locks are easier to open and install, but they can be the target of torque attacks.
Other types of looks you may consider incliude cam locks, interchangeable core cylinder, furniture locks, vending/T-handle locks and more.
Since there are many options to choose from, it is up to you to consider your commercial door locks and your options in order to make an informed decision.

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