When Should You Replace Your Locks

The doors to your apartment or home are designed to improve the security of your belongings and more importantly, to ensure that every member of your family is safe. However, this is only possible if those doors are locked well. In some cases, you may need to replace your locks, but before you take any step, it is important to determine whether you should opt for lock replacement or simply go for rekeying of your pre-existing locks. Rekeying your locks will require getting rid of the existing keys to your home, something that most homeowners can do on their own. However, there are some cases where it is advisable to opt for lock replacement instead of rekeying your locks. Here are some critical situations when you should replace your locks.

Moving Into a New Home

SOLDIt is not possible to know the number of spare keys that are currently available out there. This is because a few copies of the keys might have been issued to friends, family members and even neighbors, and chances are they may have landed into the wrong hands. Anyone who had previously lived in your home or worked on the new house may have made a spare key with the intention to intrude. The solution to this problem is to replace the keys, thereby rendering the old keys useless. Security experts agree that replacing your locks is the best solution whenever you want to move into a new home to ensure the main part of security is new and fully reliable.

Worn Locks

worn door lockOld locks might be tarnished or rusted and can break easily. At the same time, you may find it hard to open them from time to time. If this is the case, the lock system may break easily before or when you are attempting to open it, greatly inconveniencing you by locking you outside. In addition, a worn or rusty lock can be easily broken by intruders. Due to the wear and tear, your lock system might be easier to break now. Always make sure that your locks have no sign of wear and tear. Also, make sure that there is no sign of tarnish or rust; otherwise, you need to replace the locks. Whenever you need to change your locks, be sure to call a professional locksmith who can do the job right the first time. This will help ensure your home is safe and secure at all times.

New Roommate or Tenant

Many homeowners rent out homes in their properties, which they might not visit regularly. In this case, it is important to replace the locks around the property whenever a new tenant moves in. By so doing, you can ensure that the previous tenants do not return to the property with the keys you issued to them in an effort to reclaim items or simply to cause trouble in your home.

A Break-In

BurglarIf you have suffered a break-in, you need to replace the locks in your property as soon as possible. Any damage the intruder caused to the property can greatly reduce its longevity, making you an easy target for more intrusions. You should always think that the keys to your house might have fallen into the wrong hands so all external locks should be replaced, no matter how the intruder entered.

Upgrade Your Pre-Existing Locks

If you are worried about your existing locks, then it is important to purchase new locks. Chances are a door or two do not have a deadbolt. Otherwise, the strike plate and deadbolt in the pre-existing locks may not be as strong as they are supposed to be. One important reason to change locks to ensure the lockset is stronger and more dependable.

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys have been stolen or you have misplaced them, it is important to replace them because whoever finds them might know your home. You should exercise caution and have an experienced locksmith replace the locks once you lose or misplace the keys to your home.

For all of your lock replacement needs, it is important to have the number of a professional locksmith in your phonebook. These professionals specialize in both residential and commercial locks to help keep you, your loved ones and your business safe and secure.

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What Should I Do If I Am Locked Out Of My House

If you’re one of many people who tend to forget their house keys in their home, then there are a couple things that you should know. Getting locked out of your house is completely normal, but sometimes not being prepared can cause you to not gain reentry to your home. The following advice will give you a better understanding on how to get back into your home, thanks to our friends at littletonlocksmith.net.

What Should I Do If I Am Locked Out Of My House

When you get locked out of your house, the first thing you have to do is stay calm. The last thing you want to do is panicc because you will end up getting a bit hysterical and you won’t be able to focus getting back in your home. Knowing how to relax can really help you to find a solution to your problem, so make sure that you don’t stress yourself out.

– Call A Locksmith

locksmith2Calling a lock smith is obviously the easiest and fastest way to get yourself back into your house. They can handle any difficult situation you may be dealing with, Professional locksmiths will be able to provide you entry within half an hour or so depending on your home and the lock that you may have. Several things come into play regarding what a lock smith can do for you. The only drawback to hiring one is that they will charge you and sometimes the prices aren’t that cheap. The following advice will give you various ways to enter your home without the need to call a locksmith.

– Use A Card

Obviously you most likely wouldn’t leave your window or door unlocked, but if you accidentally did, that will be a wonderful entry point for you. All you have to do is remove your window’s screen, lift the window up, and then shimmy in. Just be careful not to hit any furniture or to look suspicious by neighbors because you don’t anyone to mistaken you for a burglar of your own house.

– Lock Picking

lock pickLock picking may not be the most reliable method, but it certainly is an effective method. All you have to do is take an old credit card and jam it into the doorknob to then wiggle it until it has effectively loosen up for you to open. This method unfortunately only works on the spring bolt doorknobs, but it works pretty well regardless.

– Take The Door Knob Off

Just so long as you’re willing to repair your door knob, taking the door knob off is completely fine and a fast way to get you back in your home. The majority of door knobs have connecting or mounting screws so look very closely at your door and if you see a pin sized slot or hole, you will usually be able to take the knob off with ease. If you don’t want to take the whole thing off, you can always just use an old bobby pin or silver pin to jam into the door knob. The trick is to have a fluid circular motion when trying to pin through your door knob, and eventually as you shimmy it will unlock.

Whatever method you choose to open your door or window, make sure that you try your best to prevent such accidents from happening again. Prevention is key and will always be the most effective solution. Have multiple keys made or maybe even get the app that allows you to lock and unlock your door via your phone. This program can be purchased and can be just what you need to protect you for the future.

In conclusion, now that you know how to get out of your house if you get locked out, you shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your keys in your home anymore. There are many ways you can fix the problem when you can. Being aware and ready for certain situations is really important because sometimes emergencies will occur where you will need to go in your house right away. Having back up keys somewhere in your car or maybe hidden somewhere in your front or backyard can also be helpful if you want to ensure that you gain reentry faster and more effectively.

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What Is Rekeying A Lock?

rekeyHaving high-quality door locks help to enhance the safety and aesthetic appeal of the property. It is perhaps the reason many people are conscious of the type of locks that they install on their doors. There are times, however, when the safety of the lock might get compromised because a copy of the key got lost or a burglar broke into the property. Some property owners might at times wish to get rid of the many keys and conveniently have only one key opening different doors to their property. Traditionally the ideal solution in each of the above scenarios was to replace the old lock with a new one, which was often expensive and time-consuming. However, with advancements in technology such a person has an inexpensive and less time-consuming option of rekeying the lock.

What is rekeying a lock?

Rekeying a lock is the process of altering the lock so that only a specific new key can work it. It involves the changing of the lock’s tumbler or wafer configuration to make sure that only the new key functions while the old ones don’t. The rekeying process traces its roots back to 1836, to a New Jersey locksmith by the name of Solomon Andrews, whose locks had adjustable tumblers making it possible to rekey them from time to time. A person wishing to rekey his or her lock can call a professional locksmith, or they could do it by themselves.

How to rekey the lock

rekey kitDoor locks contain an interior chamber consisting of lower as well as upper pins. It is those pins that the keys push into place to open the door. While rekeying, the locksmith replaces the lower pins to enable the ridges fit into the new key. It is an easy procedure that requires only a few minutes to complete. In fact due to its simplicity a determined house owner can carry out the procedure on his or her own, using re-keying kits.

The kits are available in local hardware stores. However when buying them, a person must make sure that they buy similar brands like the one on their lock since they are not interchangeable. The DIY kits come with special instruction sheets detailing how to remove the door knob, the retainer ring, and the cylinder plug from the cylinder as well as how to match the colored pins to the color code. Finally, it provides guidance on how to reassemble the lock.

Benefits of re-keying

  1. Cost-effective

Rekeying the lock provides a cheaper alternative to buying an entire set of new locks. Imagine a scenario whereby a person is dealing with multiple locks. It would be economical to rekey the locks as opposed to buying new ones.

  1. Less time-consuming

Secondly in comparison to the amount of time required to replace an existing lock, rekeying is much faster. In most cases rekeying takes fifty percent less time. Such a benefit is of significance, especially where a person is dealing with multiple door locks.

  1. Improved Security

The security of the property ends up getting enhanced since only the new keys can open the locks. The property owner, therefore, gets full control over who has access to his or her property.

  1. Peace of mind

Getting the locks rekeyed gives the property owner assurance that his or her property is safe since no one else has keys that can open the locks. Such reassurance can prove helpful especially for a newly moved in tenant, or someone who has lost a key.

  1. Convenience

A house that has many door locks can at times be annoying since it requires carrying multiple keys and spending a considerable amount of time trying to figure out which key fits what door lock. By rekeying the locks, that challenge is easily overcome since all that the home or office owner would need is one key.


Re-keying a lock offers a better solution than replacement in as far as restoring the security of the locks goes. However, the property owner should make sure that they are cautious when rekeying the lock to avoid ruining an existing good lock. If he or she decides to re-key the lock by themselves, they must use the recommended kits and follow the precise instructions. The best alternative is to enlist the services of well reputed professional locksmiths.

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What Is A Master Key?

A master key refers to a key that can open several locks, each of which also has its own key. This key is especially essential when an individual lock key is either misplaced or broken. Considering the purpose it serves, it is therefore imperative that this key be handled with the highest level of diligence it deserves. It should be properly tracked as a measure against having it ending up in the wrong hands and thereby posing security concerns. The custodian of this valuable key should be someone who enjoys the confidence of all the owners or users of the other rooms to which this key has access. Special thanks to lakewoodcolocksmith.com for all the useful information.

When Would A Master Key Be Necessary?

master key2The usage of a master key is not as common as the usage of the individual lock keys, and neither is its usage a preserve of its custodian. Though they should be uncommon in their occurrence, there are situations that normally prompt the usage of this key, and some of them are discussed below;
In the absence of the individual lock keys – An individual lock key could be missing or misplaced, and it is during this instance that the master key would come in handy. The usage of the master key should however be restricted, and its custodian should always ascertain the absence of the other keys before granting permission for the master key to be used.
In the event of security breaches- No home is new to security breaches, especially internally instigated ones. Given the fact that the individual lock keys are often many in number, security breaches might occur as a particular house resident or user may want to take advantage of the fact that the house has multiply access and use this to compromise the security of that particular house. This situation often calls for a rapid response on the part of the master key custodian. The custodian is expected to move with haste and confiscate all the other keys, as access to the room would now be controlled.

Storage And Tracking Of A Master Key

The custodian of a master key should be the prerogative of one person. This person should be one who enjoys the trust of all the others to whose house the master key has access. In most cases, it is normally kept by the patriarch of a family. In the interest of caution and security, the custodian of a master key should not be a frequent user of the houses to which the key can access.
While tracking the master key, due diligence should be observed, so that every movement of the key is known to the custodian As a general rule, the key should not change more hands than the actual cases that actually required to use it. It should be returned to the custodian from time to time while in use as a confirmation of its availability.

How To Get A Master Key

The best way to get a master key is from a locksmith. Locksmiths vary in area of specialization as well as degree of expertise. There are locksmiths who specialize in the making of master keys for residential areas, and the master keys they make are usually meant to access private rooms, food stores and even the gates. Other locksmiths specialize in master keys for commercial properties, and the areas they cover normally include control rooms and safes.
Getting the best master key will be greatly dependent on ones choice of a locksmith. At all cost, go for professionals for a professional locksmith will understand the specs of the locks and will therefore craft the best key that matches the design and functionality of the lock.

Is Master Key System A Welcome Concept?

Master Key systemOpinion is divided on whether to go or not to go for a master key system. Proponents of the idea claim it offers security back-ups in the event of loss of other keys. Opponents of this idea would however differ, and the reasons they give is that a master key system promotes laxity on the part of the holders of the other keys, and is in itself an inducement to the many security breaches common in many homes today.

In conclusion, all should understand that a master key is only meant to safeguard your lock against breakage for lack of its individual key. If security is so much a concern for many home owners, then the strength of the lock as opposed to the efficiency of a master key should take center stage.

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The Top Brands Of Locks In The United States

When it comes to settling on a new lock which brand should you choose? Consumers in the US, whether they are home or business owners, want the highest quality lock and key set. With this said, knowing which brands you can trust, which ones afford the highest level of security, and those offering the most innovative product lines available, are some factors which will help you determine on the brand to purchase. If you are on the market for a new lock set, these are some of the most trusted brands to consider purchasing in the US today.

1. Baldwin –

Baldwin1Synonymous with innovation this company has been in business since 1946. They offer unparalleled quality for locks as well as lock accessories. For those with a high end home or fancy decor outside your business, the company also sells high end, ornate lock sets, as well as the most technologically advanced lock sets for you to choose from. They are high quality, they are hand crafted, and they afford the highest level of protection for your home. The company even offers a lock designer if you want to build your own lock set, which is an individual who works with you in the design process.

2. Omnia –

Since 1964 the company has been offering high end lock systems in the US and other regions in the world. They offer simplistic designs, modern features, and offer lock accessories for customers to choose from, when selecting a high end, durable lock system. Customers can choose from nine different aluminum or brass settings with the company, allowing you to custom design a lock set which is going to match your home, or commercial business exterior space, when installing a new lock set.

3. Kwikset –

Kwikset logo2Not only is it one of the most well known name brands in locks in the US, the company has been around for years, offering high end, custom design, and new modern technologically advanced lock and key sets. Hand sets, dead bolts, padlocks, light commercial locks, electronic locks, and more options are available. Further, the company offers a discount price, in comparison to some of the top, “luxury” name brands in locks ,meaning you are going to receive high quality and security, for less than competitors charge for this well known name brand. They even offer the “smart’key” rekey system, allowing customers to rekey their own lock sets, which is yet another method to save on cost of new lock sets for consumers.

4. Schlage –

Yet another well known lock set name brand in the US which is synonymous with high quality and security. With over 90 years of industry experience, the company is one of the biggest in the industry and one of the most highly trusted for both commercial and residential customers who are looking to install new locks. They are highly known for building commercial grade strength lock sets, into residential properties, providing homeowners with the highest level of security possible when they choose these lock sets. The company sells a variety of locks, including dead bolts, door levers, electronic sets, padlocks, and electronic accessories. High quality and high style are some of the descriptive phrases which customers have come to know as it relates to this top brand name in the US.

5. Weiser –

Weiser1Since 1905, this company has been providing lock sets to US customers, and has become one of the top suppliers for both commercial and residential customers today. The company originally began making ornate custom design locks which were used in films, and eventually branched out to offering lock sets to all consumers. They focus on high fashion, high end designs, but also provide functional key lock sets, which are going to afford customers with the highest levels of security.

Due to the fact that there are a number of brand names for customers to choose from, if you want the best, these are some of the most well known and highly purchased brands in the US. With a variety of products, with affordable product lines, and with options which are both ornate in design, as well as provide the highest level of security, these companies have become synonymous with high quality lock sets, for US customers who wish to install new locks on their home or business.

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The Most Expensive Locks On The Planet

The Most Expensive Locks On The Planet

Ever since man learnt how to create fire our creativity has sparked more and more innovations. With time our creativity led to the need for storage as we found ways to create surplus products and produce new ones through various skills. Barter trade became a key component of the human journey towards development and evolved into the modern day commerce. However this development came with its own set of challenges and one of them was insecurity. As the world developed from the Stone Age days to the present day, disparities became more evident as more people became far wealthier and others remained behind. The accumulation of wealth by society created a situation whereby those who wanted something the easy way began stealing from anybody who had it. This created demand for security services and related products all over as people looked for ways of securing their stuff from thieves. Locking things became the main way of securing things whether in a room, suitcase, vault, car, strong room, an entire house or any other lockable place to ensure that only those with permission can access a given item from the locked places.


Today there are a variety of locks of all kinds designed to meet all kinds of security requirements. A great number of people usually go for the highest quality they can afford as for most people good security is crucial. Usually the highest priced products are also considered the best quality in the market. So what are some of the most expensive locks on the planet today? Thanks to kentlocksmith.net for the info.


1) Schlage Electronics AD-400 Series Networked Wireless Electronic Exit Trim Assembly is probably the most expensive lock in the market. The lock manufactured by the security products manufacturer Schlage electronics has a starting price of 1600 dollars depending on where you get. However it does have some impressive features such as the ability to communicate wirelessly hence one can trigger a central lockdown remotely apart from being able to control a central lockdown using it. The audit function is also helpful for monitoring access. The door lock comes in a pleasing satin chrome finish and is one of the most expensive lock available.


2) The PDL3000 US26D Trilogy from Alarm Lock Systems Inc. is also among the most expensive locks on the planet. The lock can be programmed to allow free passage or total lock out of groups or even auto lock or unlock when necessary. Be prepared to pay more than 1000 dollars for this remarkable product though.


Samsung3) Samsung Ezon Shs-5230 Fingerprint Digital Door LockSamsung are well known for their cool smartphones and other home electronics like TVs. However the company also makes some unique security products and the Ezon door lock is one of them. The product will set you back more than 600 dollars from most retailers. However it features a finger print reader and can also operate using PIN access too. A digital touch keypad is embedded in the lock to enable ease of opening when using PIN access.The anti-picking function is also very handy as is the automatic and manual locking modes supported by the Ezon lock from Samsung

4)Prox Lock No Keypad IC 26D Weatherized is also another expensive lock that one can buy in the market. This lock is priced at around 1500 dollars in the market.This access control lock comes in a brushed chrome finish and has features such as the tap and add capability which enables you to add batch users quickly compared to other lock systems.Using cards eliminates the problem of losing keys and reduces the costs of rekeying new ones.It also features a key override and has the ability to


Schlage Connect Century5)The Schlage Connect Century – Schlage is a popular locks manufacturer so it should come as no surprise that they have another product among the most expensive locks in the planet. The connection century lock is a robust lock that supports keyless, remote management capabilities and also has a nice touch screen that enables easy access and convenience. An inbuilt alarm also makes it easy to know when somebody attempts to break in or any unauthorised access when you’re not nearby.The lock costs around 300 dollars in major outlets and retail stores.

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The best Locks for Home Security

The best Locks for Home Security

During this generation, home security is becoming a very vital part of our lives. However, this can only be achieved by first looking into the common things we come across every day. Locks for our doors are the key to better security. There are many types of home locks but all are not the best.
lock and key company in Beverly Hills beverlyhillslocksmith.org


Keyless locks

As technology progresses, everything even to the field of security improves. Keyless locks are becoming common to us. These types of locks include biometric and the Bluetooth locks. Others are finger print driven locks. These are the type of locks you can trust to secure your home. The locks are keypad operated and that is why they are hard to pass. The best feature with this lock is that, an anti-theft rolling code always makes sure that a code is not used twice. Other types of this kind of locks sound an alarm when an incorrect code is entered more than three times.

Deadbolt locks

deadbolt5This type of lock is a safe lock for homes also. With these locks, it means that the bolt is dead and needs a knob or key to manually move it.

This type of lock is secure compared to the keyless locks. The lock has three main parts which are, key accessible cylinder, the bolt which slides sliding inside the door jamb and the thumb turn. This allows for the manual control of the lock which makes it safe.

In the case of a glass door, this kind of lock has a double cylinder deadbolt. This needs the use of a key from both sides.

Smart locks

keyless1Smart locks are slowly getting common to us. They are also becoming the best Locks for Home Security. These locks are programmed locks that use mobile phone apps. They are remote access systems that will notify you in case of home entry through emails or text messages using photos. These systems may help in limiting door accessibility hours and days during particular periods. These smart locks also provide you with the feature of checking whether you have locked your home or not. You will be able to lock or unlock your home in any location.

These smart locks come in different features

  • Mobile apps

Some of these home locks interfere with you through apps. These apps will enable you do things such as identifying a visitor, receive a notification that someone got into or left your home or help in providing virtual keys to other people. Some app also enables the use of an electronic fob. This enables you to use the lock without your phone which is a good option for your children and workers.

  • Keys

Most smart locks also come with keys. In case of a power malfunction or you lose your phone. This will keep you sure of getting home in case of any of the above.

Entry locksets

These are medium sized security locks for a home. These kinds of locks have two door knobs. They can be locked from both the inside and outside of a house. These door locks feature re-key technology which is fully adjustable. They also have double cylinder deadbolts which make them more secure.

Mortise locks

These are common locks found in residential homes. This kind of lock consists of a flat rectangular box. The box fits into the door from the edge and includes two faceplates containing knobs and keyholes. The latch on this kind of locks can be operated from both sides unless the outside knob is locked. The deadbolt to this lock operates by turning of the inside knob


These are not the only types of locks available. There are hundreds of home locks available however; these are among the safest locks to use. It is advisable that you choose a lock depending what you find as the best locks for Home Security. It is therefore good for you to do further research on the type of lock you want to use before installing it. For improved security also you need to install some security extras at your home. These are devices that provide light security and are used together with other lock types to boost security of a home.

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The Best Home Door Locks

The Best Home Door Locks

Protecting your properties including home, business buildings among other is the most important thing. Apart from deploying security guards or installing electric fences, it is obvious that houses, gates, and cars among others must be kept away from burglars and other unauthorized intruders. Therefore, locking your premises with high-quality locks is the most important thing. It is the first step in securing your belongings. There exist high-quality locks in the market that are approved and tested. The trick is how to know which lock is the best. In this article, I will present you with a list of the best home door locks that you can use to keep your home more secure, with help from our friends at ahwatukeelocksmith.net.

  1. Keyless locks

Keyless Entry3Keyless locks are the best types of locks for advanced home security and convenience. The lock features an anti-theft rolling code that ensure the code is only used ones. Some keyless locks models have an alarm that sounds when an incorrect code is entered for more than three times in a row. The better part of the keyless locks is that some models are even compatible with select particular garage door openers or other security home systems. The keyless locks can be used to replace any standard deadbolts on the exterior doors.

  1. Mortise locks

These types of locks are common in most residential doors. The lockset of the mortise locks consists of a flat rectangular box that fits well into a recess in the door from its edge. It includes two faceplates with keyholes and knobs.

  1. Goji smart locks

Goji Smart Lock1This lock comes with wonderful features to boost and enhance the security of your home. This device works via Bluetooth for smartphone and fob proximity unlocking. It also works with Wi-Fi for remote control functionality. The manufacturer of this lock, Goji, offers customer service in case you lock out yourself without your phone near. The Goji lock comes with two mechanical backup keys and four electronic keys. It guarantees maximum home security.

  1. Kwikset kevo and kevo plus locks

A very smart door lock that is very much close to the standard of a deadbolt lock. It is a Bluetooth lock that works work by touch, just taping the lock and it unlocks provided the keyfob, or your smartphone is near. The lock comes with two physical keys and two electronic keys or rather ekeys. Also, it comes with free unlimited 24-hour guest keys. With kwikset kevo plus lock, a person is able to unlock the door remotely and get updates such as who had entered your home.

  1. Haven locks

Haven is another good technology lock that is anchored at the base of the front door, which is the strongest point. It serves as a mechanical barrier to whoever attempts to open the door. It is released or operated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, the lock has physical footplate that releases the lock in case of an emergency. The Haven locks work much better with Apple home kit and the nest thermostat.

  1. Schlage locks

The lock has up to 19 user programmable codes enough for every family member, relative or and one r two friends. The lock is operated and managed by an internet connected device such as a smartphone. It is, therefore, possible to unlock the door remotely without having to give out the code.

  1. August smart locks

This lock is among the latest and newest lock models in the market today. The lock is configured to detect when a person is approaching or going for it to unlock. It is easy to control and manage this lock from an iOS, Android, or an online app. It is a Bluetooth operated lock that can replace the deadbolt locks to improve the security of your home. The lock, which is powered by 4AA batteries, can send low battery alerts to your phone when needed.

  1. Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks

This lock opens with an RID tag or a passcodes. It requires the input of multi-leveled security codes before inputting the actual code. It is, therefore, hard to detect fingerprints in case of unauthorized people such as criminals. The lock is packed with a burglar alarm and a fire detection sensor.

The security of your home is very important. Adding any of the above electronic locks to your home is a great deal of stepping up the security. They are the best home door locks that cannot be opened by an unauthorized person. All of the above locks are controlled and manage with an internet connected device.

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