6 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

If you cringe at the thought of burglars breaking into your home, then you are among the many people who are scared of this thought too. No one ever wants to go through the experience of a break in. Dealing with a break in can be both depressing and traumatizing and as a home owner you will most likely do everything in your power to prevent this. Break-ins are known to cause great distraction. They are associated with injuries, losses and to extreme extents may even cause deaths. This is why home safety is always at the top of everyone’s to do list.

The safety of your home greatly depends on you and your family members. With the thought of your loved ones and your valuables in mind, you would be keen to put every measure in place to protect your home. This is not a job or task that is only expected from you but rather from each and every single member of your household. After all, it is always said prevention is better than cure.

When you hear the words home safety, the first thing that comes in mind is lock and key. True enough this is one of the most important ways to secure your home. There are other ways and measures that you use to help you protect your home from break-ins apart from the usual lock and key. Some of these ways include;

Clearing back trees and hedges

Always make sure not to allow trees and hedges over grow. It is important to have them trimmed every now and then so that you can always have a clear view of your home. Trees and hedges make the perfect hide out points for anyone who intends on breaking in to your home. Clearing them will disadvantage any burglars because they will not have anywhere to hide. Make sure to maintain sight lines to the street by clearing and trimming your trees and hedges.

Installing alarms

Installing an alarm system in your home can never be over emphasised. Nowadays most modern alarm systems come with features like security cameras, remote access and 24-hour monitoring. Anyone with intentions of breaking in to your home when you are either around or away will hesitate when they notice your home has an alarm system. They would not want the system going off because it would mean trouble for them. Burglars tend to keep off homes and houses which have alarm systems.

Install security lights

A well lit home or compound will scare away a burglar at any time. This is because the chances of them being seen are high in houses which are well lit. Burglars mostly like breaking into houses which have poor lighting systems or ones that don’t have lights at all. It is therefore important to make sure your lights are always lit.

Regular check of the locks

High security lock5You should remember to check your locks every now and then. In fact, you should add this to your regular maintenance routine. This will help you identify any lock that is faulty and have it fixed. If your locks are in good order, they will give any burglar a hard time breaking in.

Keep your valuables out of sight

If you have any valuables lying around in the house, it is best to keep them out of sight. You never know why anyone would want to break-in to your house. At times, the burglars you think you do not know may be people who have been to your place before. Leaving your valuables lying around can attract just about anyone who sees them.

Leave a light on

leave on a lightBurglars most of the times target houses who’s owners are not home. When you are away, make sure to leave a light on so that anyone looking at your house from outside may think there is someone home. You can also have a system installed that turns the lights and the TV on at different intervals. The main aim is to have people think that you are still at home even when you are far gone.


Your home safety will always start with you. Ensure you take safety precautions on your house because you do not want to ask yourself “what if”. Break-ins have become a rampant thing and it is always advisable to be well prepared in case of anything.

Author: Larry White

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