7 Top Types Of Commercial Door Locks

Before you decide on that cheap and seemingly promising lock you have seen in the store, step back for a moment. This is because not all locks are the same. We have different brands specifically designed for different purposes and at different quality levels. Whether you are choosing the lock for your office or home, I bet you deserve the best of the best. In this post, we take you through top commercial locks that will give you real value for your money, with help from the guys over at www.evkeys.net.

The Sargent locks

Featuring the Ecoflex technology, the Sargent locks bring to you security at its peak. Whether the locks are meant for schools, hospitals or factories, they provide maximum security with several options such as the keyless entry, fobs, keypad system and keyed entry. These locks are of high quality and come with other complementary hardware to give you the best experience.


It is a unique lock being the first one to embrace the latest smartkey technology, one of the highly applauded innovative landmarks in the locks industry. The technology gives you the liberty to rekey the locks all by yourself thus saving time and money as well. It is especially good for offices with large employee turnout.

Arrow Lock

Arrow logoIt is among the top commercial locks skilfully crafted with a strapping prominence on the security of your business or office. It is crafted from strong and durable materials that promise you several years of service. They come in categories such as key systems, door control, and the locking hardware. If your top priority is security and you don’t want to mess it up, this lock might as well be ideal for you.

Falcon Lock

The Falcon locks have an edge over other locks when it comes to functionality. It is at the forefront when in providing automatic door operations, touch bar, and many other utility hardware options. These locks deserve the bragging rights for optimizing security in any building is it governmental, commercial healthcare or even schools.


Baldwin1The Baldwin locks are famous for their incredibly attractive appearance, a state of the art design and a sound security. These locks can work effectively with any door system under different conditions. They have options such as keyless entry, pocket door locks and high-quality deadbolts. If you want that lock that perfectly blends in with the office setup and the surrounding without drawing the eye, you are at the right place.

Corbin Locks

These locks are a perfect fit for offices, schools, governmental institutions and factories. It will take a less time to install these locks due to the simplified procedure involved. The locks are made in a way that they define durability and strength to the utmost levels with a line of defense moulded to withstand any tampering.

Medeco Locks

Medeco locks are well known for their environmentally friendly usability. The Medeco has ten locking systems with all them passing the rigorous standard tests. The locks also offer eCylinder system which is a wireless locking feature that ensures system management, controlled accessibility, accountability and the physical security.


With these seven top locks, you should now be in a position to confidently walk into a store and grab any of them for yourself.

Author: Larry White

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