Do I Need An Access Control System Installed?

Security is a major concern for building owners, property managers and large and small businesses. With the ever changing nature of security needs, more people are looking for ways to take full control of their security through individualized solutions. And with the increasing demand, access control systems have become a core security feature in buildings and interior offices, providing safe and secure access to authorized individuals while keeping out unauthorized people.

What Is An Access Control System?

An access control system is any device used to restrict access to a resource, such as a business building or specific room within a building. The system is designed to keep out unwanted people by monitoring and restricting those who have access to various rooms or buildings. Such a system can be anything, from a simple front door or a simple keypad to a card. A more sophisticated access control system could include a card and a thumbprint as a form of identification or have a CCTV and alarm system for added security and peace of mind. Whatever the system, the purpose is to track those who enter and leave a building or to restrict access to a highly sensitive area.

Do You Need An Access Control System Installed?

Whether you are a building or business owner of whatever size, you need to safeguard important information inside your premises and keep out external threats. Most people respond to this basic security concern by using locks on their doors and availing keys to those who need to access these locks. However, continuous locking and keying your doors every time you leave or whenever a key is lost can be both costly and time consuming. So you need a more secure and convenient solution. Fortunately, an access control system offers utmost security and amazing convenience.

You Need To Install An Access Control System If:

(a) A lost or stolen key can cause a massive security threat to your business.

(b) Different persons or employees require different access privileges to your premises.

(c) There would be more benefit to allow or restrict access based on day or time.

(d) You need records of when different people enter or leave the doors of your premises.

(e) More security is needed for your clients and employees.

Installing An Access Control System Will:

(a) Enable remote access: With such a system, you and your premise managers will no longer need to move from where you are to lock or unlock doors. Instead, the doors can be remotely opened and locked, saving time and money. Access systems are also typically customizable, allowing you to set rights of access per individual and maintain the access levels desired with ease.

(b) Allow for integration with other systems: Access control systems can be integrated with other security and operational systems. For example, you can include an alarm system that takes a specified action if an unauthorized person does get in, or add software that tracks the time and attendance of employees. IP door control systems can be integrated with IP intercoms and IP camera systems to create a complete security and safety system.

(c) Avail historical reports (audit trail): Top-notch access control systems will help you to track employee activity, know how they spend their work time and find out if they are accessing unauthorized areas. The systems also provide customizable reports such as the security level of your premises, open and close hours, alarm details and more, which are invaluable when you are investigating theft and vandalism.

(d) Ensure full control of keys: Instead of having to worry about the security of your premises when keys are lost, an access control system such as secure card or fob guarantees security as it is not easily evident what door they belong. And while replacing locks or doors is quite inconvenient and expensive, a lost card or fob can easily be removed from the database. Besides, one key for multiple locks boosts control and ensures that owners of multiple properties do not have to search through piles of keys when looking for appropriate keys.

(e) Offer a faster and safer user experience than locks.

Whether you are considering an access control system for an office, apartment building, commercial site or hospital, you can find a high-quality card-swiping system or an advanced biometrics system to allow only a select few to enter your premises while keeping unwanted people out. A card or key fob access control system is designed to ensure only authorized people access your space. It can be integrated with your lights, alarms or air conditioning and heating system to provide you with better control and security. Alternatively, you can install a biometrics access control to ensure no unwanted people can get access to your building or office. Biometrics systems use fingerprint, retinal, hand print or facial recognition to control access.

Security is no longer just about locks and keys. There are high-tech, low-maintenance and complete control systems that guarantee utmost security and peace of mind. With the right access control system, you will have complete access to your premises, from speedy unlocking of doors to performing a full-building lock down. Want to try an access control system on your premises? If you already know what your security needs are, we can help you to match your needs with the right system. But if you do not know where to begin, we can help you evaluate your premises, identify your security needs and choose an appropriate system. For more information, call or visit us today for help.

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