Deadbolts! Which one to choose? 

You want to make your door safer and protect your house. Well, deadbolt would be an excellent choice.

deadbolt-1024x614When we talk about deadbolt, this refers to the whole lock,  which is activated by the closing element which is mounted and that can only be opened by a key , for example  locks that are often used in the doorway of the hotel room. We use them besides our basic lock like a supplement. It holds the bolt in place with a spring. Anyway it is a good way to reinforce your door protection.

But there are different types of deadbolt locks. Here are some that we are going to mention, their look depends on price, material and other stuffs.

First one that I’m going to mention is deadbolt with single cylinder one of the most common type of this kind. This lock is put inside the door. Inside it has a twist knob, and outside it has a key cylinder.

355303Deadlocksmage0001-300x183The second one is deadbolt with double cylinder that has a double cylinder inside itself. You can obviously see the main difference between these two locks. To open it you will always need a key whether you want to unlock it inside or outside the house. Still we can say  that this kind of lock is better because  it cannot be broken easily but in emergency situations like fire or something like that that is certainly not an advantage.

There is also a deadbolt without key that is it has a key but mounted in the interior side of the door. You just need to know your secret pin code that had chosen before. Therefore you will never have problems with misplacing the key.

If you want this type of lock but just a little bit improved you definitely have to buy digital deadbolt which is almost the same like this one above. The main difference is in a keypad instead of keyhole. The only thing about this kind of lock is that you have to replace batteries time after time or to use electric power.

d-series-keyless-lock-bannerIf you keep forgetting to lock your house the next type of lock is perfectly for you. Rim deadbolt is a type of lock that locks automatically behind closing the door. It is often used in the hotels. It’s very practical it’s bolted to interior side of the door.

Vertical deadbolt is also bolted to interior side of door but on the top of the door so it is impossible to break in with a bar placed between the doors. However this kind of lock is easy to install. We can say that is a good choice for your home.

The last one that I’m going to mention is mortise deadbolt, a little bit classical type of lock. This kind of lock is installed in a mortise and it is very strong. The only problem is that you have to make a large hole in the door to place it and that hole can weaken the structure of the door.


Author: Larry White

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