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Protecting your home and your loved ones from crime does not have to be about spending a fortune on the most expensive home security system you can find. Installing a home security system to improve the safety of your family and property.

The new do-it-yourself home security systems are becoming easier to install and include a lot of security features for a very affordable price.

Many different home security systems are currently available to meet any family’s specific needs and budgets. Some models simply include just the security cameras themselves, while others include an LCD monitor, wireless security cameras, and all wiring to allow the homeowner to have a home security system “in a box.”

In addition to having a reliable and robust home security system, there are several other “best practices” that you should consider when developing a home security plan for your family, and some of these include:

-Plan a mock burglary with your family. This will show the homeowner and family the areas that they need to work on to make their home and property safe and secure.

-Often the criminal element simply strolls through neighborhoods checking for doors that have been left unlocked. Make it a routine to always lock all doors especially when home alone or when running even a short errand.

-Be vigilant in checking windows to ensure that they are not only shut but locked as well. Many homeowners enjoy the spring and fall weather and use this as a time to let fresh air into their homes. Often these windows are left open and unlocked throughout the day and night. This is an open invitation to thieves.

New homeowners should always change the locks on all doors as many duplicate keys could have been made and passed around by tradesmen working in the home (i.e. painters, home theater installers, other contractors, etc.)
When installing a home video surveillance system, try to conceal all the wiring where possible, to make it more difficult for the burglar to know how and where to disconnect the alarm system.

home security lightsInvest in timers for lighting, and even televisions and other audio equipment, so that when no one is at home, you can give would-be burglars the appearance that someone IS at home, thereby reducing your burglary risk.
In certain cases, if not properly installed, wireless home security alarm systems can develop a problem where the sensitivity level of the sensors around the house may cause the alarm to go off frequently for no apparent reason. After this has happened several times, most neighbors will begin to ignore it. Always repair this problem as soon as possible and let neighbors know that it has been fixed and if it goes off again to please report it.

Breaking in with a cardMany common thieves use a technique called “loiding” which is the act of placing a sturdy plastic card, such as a credit card for example, adjacent to the locking tongue of a door, in order to press it and cause door to open.
Simple placement of a dead bolt will fix this issue, since dead bolt locking systems are only accessible to a thief if there is adequate space in between the frame and the door itself, to use a saw or other power tool of some sort.
Often homeowners lose the keys to their home, and if these keys are not found after a reasonable search, all locks should be changed as soon as possible.

Any homeowner using a cleaning service should check all of their available references before giving any person their keys. You may also find value in choosing a cleaning firm that has been verified through the local Better Business Bureau.

Never leave notes or messages for your family members/others on your doors, as this tells the world that no one is at home.

If you’re budget only allows for a fake surveillance camera, be sure and install it in a highly-visible area on the exterior of your home.

Most all of these tips are just common sense. However, with the hectic lives that most individuals lead in today’s world it easy to overlook the simplest things that can cause an increased risk of burglary or vandalism. Make your family aware of the regimen they need to follow to help keep their home safe, and you’ll be glad you did. And if you ever need home door lock services, be sure to call your local locksmith immediately!

Author: Larry White

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