How Many People Hold the Keys to Your House?

Sharing the keys to your home is a sign of trust and intimacy. It implies that you trust a person enough to allow them into your home, whether you are there or not. That’s a big step for anyone to take. The truth is that having spare keys to your home and other property is a good idea. For example, if you have a friend or a neighbor who you trust it would probably be a good idea for them to have a key to access your home if you are away for a period, or in the case of an emergency. It’s also good for someone to have a spare key to your home in case you are ever locked out of your home. This would prevent having to call a locksmith and paying an unnecessary fee.

In some cases, having keys to give to each of your family members is also a good idea, but it’s not about safety. It’s about convenience. If you are planning a visit and you get stuck somewhere, they can let themselves in and not have to wait outside on a porch or veranda for you to return. Further, if you have not communicated with a friend for some time, allowing them to have a key to your home can let them come over to check on you when they feel they should. Below, we talk more about the subject. Special thanks to our friends at for all the info.

Who Should Hold Your Keys?

new house2The truth is that there is no definitive number for how many people should have a key to your home. The key (pardon the pun) is, as stated above, should be whether you trust a person who you are giving a key to. If you do trust someone to have a key and not to abuse the privilege, giving one to them is often a good idea. After all, this way you can go out of town, for example, and know that they have a key to come in and check your mail, water plants, feed your pets or perform other tasks. It is important that whatever number of keys you have to your home, that they are always accounted for, and that the people you have entrusted with a key know where it is at all times. If you have four copies of every key to your home, back door, main entry, garage, and others, you should be able to account for each one.

Why Rekey?

rekeying1Rekeying your home is often an expensive proposition. After all, it involves replacing each lock of every door that is an entry to your home. The process of doing this involves replacement locks as well as considerable time by a locksmith to make sure that the locks are installed and working properly. The trouble is that as difficult and expensive as rekeying your home might be, it can also be a task that is important to do to save yourself considerable losses.

Why rekey? Most homeowners forget that their homes have had previous owners who have had access to every room in their homes. The previous owners of a home might have given a copy of their keys to their families, friends, neighbors, and business associates who still have access even though they are not the owners. Ultimately, this means that you no longer have control over everyone who has a key to your home. There is also the possibility that the real estate agent you dealt with in buying your home might not only still have keys, but might have also provided copies of those keys to other agents or prospects. The truth is that the sooner you have your home rekeyed, the better. In fact, it’s in your best interest to have your home rekeyed long before you move it. There is little sense in moving any of your possessions into your new home when you have no control over the access others have to it.

There is probably nothing more disconcerting, more of a feeling of being violated than to walk into your home one day only to discover a stranger sitting inside. Worse yet, you arrive home only to find a burglar rifling through your possessions. Not only will you find yourself in a situation where you could suffer substantial losses, potentially be in great danger as well.

Save yourself from suffering life-changing losses and even injury or death of you and your loved ones. Have your home rekeyed today.

Author: Larry White

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