Locking It Up With A Pin Tumbler Lock

The most often seen type of security measure that people use on businesses and homes is the lock. The ubiquitous lock comes in all types, including combination and keyed padlocks. Pin-based tumbler locks are easily the most commonly seen and used form of lock. Easy to locate, pin-based tumbler locks make a fantastic project for do-it-yourself ers according to our friends over at highlandsranchlocksmith.com.

History of the Tumbler Lock and how it works

Angique Tumbler lockDating back over 4000 years, the design of the original pin -based tumbler locks dates back to ancient Egypt, as these were the original designers of the first pin -based tumbler locks. The Egyptians used these locks for keeping their property in goods and secure and were made from wood, forged steel being somewhat advanced for the time period. While the current type of locks and pin -based tumbler locks may be far removed from this original design, the Egyptians were the very first to begin manufacturing locks and pin-based tumbler locks on a regular basis.

The way the pin-based tumbler lock works is similar to the way the pin-based tumbler locks worked in the ancient days of Egypt. And inside is a set of driver pins, these pins are the basis of what makes the locke work. A key is required to make these pins move, creating a secure environment once the lock has been snapped closed. Upon insertion of the key into the lock of the pin -based tumbler lock the lock opens as springs that forced tension upon the pins and keeps them loaded into their grooves begin to give way and allow the pins to release the mouth of the lock away from the hasp. By turning the lock, the pin -based tumbler locks become open and allow users to enter through the locked closure. Once the key is withdrawn from a lock and the lock is closed, it will not be open until the key is used again to gain egress.

pin tumblerPin-based tumbler locks are very popular in the modern day, and many businesses and homeowners use the pin -based tumbler locks on their front doors and back doors. While it is not impossible to pick the pin-based tumbler locks, it is far more difficult than getting into the traditional types of locks. The pins in the pin-based tumbler locks are required to be in just exactly a certain order and in a certain orientation for the pin-based tumbler locks to open and allow the thief into your home. It is also easy enough to find the pin-based tumbler locks as they are very popular and can be found in almost any any hardware store or department store.

yale pin tumblerKnowing that pin-based tumbler locks are easy to install and can be cheaply purchased makes it a quick and easy decision to pick up a basic pin-based tumbler locks at the nearest department store for all your locking and security needs. Considering the popularity of the pin-based tumbler locks and how easy it is to use, it is not surprising that so many people utilize the ubiquitous pin -based tumbler locks in their home and business security needs.

Author: Larry White

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