Options For Gate Locks

No two homeowners are the same, and with this being said, no two gate locks are going to be the same either. So, as a homeowner, what are your options when deciding on a new lock for your gate? Which ones are most secure and will keep intruders out? What is going to look best? These are a few questions you may have when choosing new gates and locks for those gates. So, for the homeowner in search of a new lock system, these area few options for gate locks to consider installing outside a home or a commercial property.

1. Gravity latch –

Gravity latchUnless otherwise stated, these are the latches which typically come installed on gates. The lock goes from the frame to the post’s clasp upon swinging the gate shut to lock it.For security, a padlock is typically used by homeowners to secure these latches in place when not in use. It works with both single and double gates, and provides a fair amount of security for homeowners.

2. Cobra Latch –

Cobra latchAnother option to consider is the cobra latch. It is a gravity latch, with the added security of a press down push button operation system. Internals of the lock are metal while the outside is plastic. The lock and latch are similar in style to the gravity latch in that the clasp closes on the post upon contacting the frame. If the gate is unlocked, simply push the button to release the clasp. The added security with these cobra latches is the push button won’t open when locked, providing one additional security barrier.

3. Ornamental latch –

This double handled latch has a lockable key for security; and, as the name implies, it is one which homeowners typically choose to provide a touch of elegance and decor to the home’s gate system. It is much more tamper proof than other lock systems as well, as the hardware can’t be accessed when the gate is locked. Each side of the gate features a handle for simple open/close functionality. The all metal construction finish of these systems offers added security, and helps make these systems tamper proof.

These are a few of the many options out there for home or local business owners to consider in deciding on a new latch system for their home or business’s gates. Depending on where you live and where the gate is located, each of these lock and latch system has its own benefits. Further, depending on the manufacturer of the lock and latch system you choose to purchase, each one is going to offer a different layer of security. Homeowners can also choose to have custom made lock and latch systems for a specific gate system, although this is going to cost more when hiring a company to install the system. Regardless of the level of security you desire, and your budget when choosing a new lock and latch system, these are among the most popular options for consumers to consider installing on a gate, based upon the desired level of security.

Author: Larry White

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