The Best Home Door Locks

Protecting your properties including home, business buildings among other is the most important thing. Apart from deploying security guards or installing electric fences, it is obvious that houses, gates, and cars among others must be kept away from burglars and other unauthorized intruders. Therefore, locking your premises with high-quality locks is the most important thing. It is the first step in securing your belongings. There exist high-quality locks in the market that are approved and tested. The trick is how to know which lock is the best. In this article, I will present you with a list of the best home door locks that you can use to keep your home more secure, with help from our friends at

  1. Keyless locks

Keyless Entry3Keyless locks are the best types of locks for advanced home security and convenience. The lock features an anti-theft rolling code that ensure the code is only used ones. Some keyless locks models have an alarm that sounds when an incorrect code is entered for more than three times in a row. The better part of the keyless locks is that some models are even compatible with select particular garage door openers or other security home systems. The keyless locks can be used to replace any standard deadbolts on the exterior doors.

  1. Mortise locks

These types of locks are common in most residential doors. The lockset of the mortise locks consists of a flat rectangular box that fits well into a recess in the door from its edge. It includes two faceplates with keyholes and knobs.

  1. Goji smart locks

Goji Smart Lock1This lock comes with wonderful features to boost and enhance the security of your home. This device works via Bluetooth for smartphone and fob proximity unlocking. It also works with Wi-Fi for remote control functionality. The manufacturer of this lock, Goji, offers customer service in case you lock out yourself without your phone near. The Goji lock comes with two mechanical backup keys and four electronic keys. It guarantees maximum home security.

  1. Kwikset kevo and kevo plus locks

A very smart door lock that is very much close to the standard of a deadbolt lock. It is a Bluetooth lock that works work by touch, just taping the lock and it unlocks provided the keyfob, or your smartphone is near. The lock comes with two physical keys and two electronic keys or rather ekeys. Also, it comes with free unlimited 24-hour guest keys. With kwikset kevo plus lock, a person is able to unlock the door remotely and get updates such as who had entered your home.

  1. Haven locks

Haven is another good technology lock that is anchored at the base of the front door, which is the strongest point. It serves as a mechanical barrier to whoever attempts to open the door. It is released or operated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, the lock has physical footplate that releases the lock in case of an emergency. The Haven locks work much better with Apple home kit and the nest thermostat.

  1. Schlage locks

The lock has up to 19 user programmable codes enough for every family member, relative or and one r two friends. The lock is operated and managed by an internet connected device such as a smartphone. It is, therefore, possible to unlock the door remotely without having to give out the code.

  1. August smart locks

This lock is among the latest and newest lock models in the market today. The lock is configured to detect when a person is approaching or going for it to unlock. It is easy to control and manage this lock from an iOS, Android, or an online app. It is a Bluetooth operated lock that can replace the deadbolt locks to improve the security of your home. The lock, which is powered by 4AA batteries, can send low battery alerts to your phone when needed.

  1. Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks

This lock opens with an RID tag or a passcodes. It requires the input of multi-leveled security codes before inputting the actual code. It is, therefore, hard to detect fingerprints in case of unauthorized people such as criminals. The lock is packed with a burglar alarm and a fire detection sensor.

The security of your home is very important. Adding any of the above electronic locks to your home is a great deal of stepping up the security. They are the best home door locks that cannot be opened by an unauthorized person. All of the above locks are controlled and manage with an internet connected device.

Author: Larry White

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