The best Locks for Home Security

During this generation, home security is becoming a very vital part of our lives. However, this can only be achieved by first looking into the common things we come across every day. Locks for our doors are the key to better security. There are many types of home locks but all are not the best.
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Keyless locks

As technology progresses, everything even to the field of security improves. Keyless locks are becoming common to us. These types of locks include biometric and the Bluetooth locks. Others are finger print driven locks. These are the type of locks you can trust to secure your home. The locks are keypad operated and that is why they are hard to pass. The best feature with this lock is that, an anti-theft rolling code always makes sure that a code is not used twice. Other types of this kind of locks sound an alarm when an incorrect code is entered more than three times.

Deadbolt locks

deadbolt5This type of lock is a safe lock for homes also. With these locks, it means that the bolt is dead and needs a knob or key to manually move it.

This type of lock is secure compared to the keyless locks. The lock has three main parts which are, key accessible cylinder, the bolt which slides sliding inside the door jamb and the thumb turn. This allows for the manual control of the lock which makes it safe.

In the case of a glass door, this kind of lock has a double cylinder deadbolt. This needs the use of a key from both sides.

Smart locks

keyless1Smart locks are slowly getting common to us. They are also becoming the best Locks for Home Security. These locks are programmed locks that use mobile phone apps. They are remote access systems that will notify you in case of home entry through emails or text messages using photos. These systems may help in limiting door accessibility hours and days during particular periods. These smart locks also provide you with the feature of checking whether you have locked your home or not. You will be able to lock or unlock your home in any location.

These smart locks come in different features

  • Mobile apps

Some of these home locks interfere with you through apps. These apps will enable you do things such as identifying a visitor, receive a notification that someone got into or left your home or help in providing virtual keys to other people. Some app also enables the use of an electronic fob. This enables you to use the lock without your phone which is a good option for your children and workers.

  • Keys

Most smart locks also come with keys. In case of a power malfunction or you lose your phone. This will keep you sure of getting home in case of any of the above.

Entry locksets

These are medium sized security locks for a home. These kinds of locks have two door knobs. They can be locked from both the inside and outside of a house. These door locks feature re-key technology which is fully adjustable. They also have double cylinder deadbolts which make them more secure.

Mortise locks

These are common locks found in residential homes. This kind of lock consists of a flat rectangular box. The box fits into the door from the edge and includes two faceplates containing knobs and keyholes. The latch on this kind of locks can be operated from both sides unless the outside knob is locked. The deadbolt to this lock operates by turning of the inside knob


These are not the only types of locks available. There are hundreds of home locks available however; these are among the safest locks to use. It is advisable that you choose a lock depending what you find as the best locks for Home Security. It is therefore good for you to do further research on the type of lock you want to use before installing it. For improved security also you need to install some security extras at your home. These are devices that provide light security and are used together with other lock types to boost security of a home.

Author: Larry White

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