The Dealership Or Locksmith For Car Key Replacement?

You have just lost your car keys, or they have stopped working, and you are undecided whether to contact the dealership or a local locksmith. You are at the right place. This article provides you with detailed information on dealership and locksmith car replacement services. It will help you to make a more informed decision before you can finalize on the best way to replace your car keys.

How to replace your car keys largely depends on the make, model, and type of your car keys. Newer cars come with remotes which are combined with the car keys. Most ignition keys for the modern vehicles feature a transponder chip, which responds to the signals that are sent out by the car’s engine management system every time the key in the ignition is turned.
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Automotive Locksmiths

Car Locksmith1Locksmith offers alternative services to the car dealership for most models. They are the first option once your keys are stolen, broken or lost. They can quickly replace transponder keys, basic keys and other types of keys. Their deals are the best as they charge approximately half the price of the dealership. Modern auto locksmith offers almost the same services found at the dealership, but you should ensure that you contact only the certified locksmiths.

Benefits of Replacing Car Keys through Automotive Locksmiths

  1. Once they are contacted, they can come to you: This means that you will be able to skip the hassles involved in traveling to the dealership. Another added advantage is that they don’t charge to visit your car. All they do involves opening the car and proceeding with their services.
  2. saving moneyAuto locksmiths charge affordable prices: You will be surprised to determine the amount of cash you will be able to save by getting your keys replaced by an auto locksmith.
  3. They have sophisticated machinery: These types of machinery help the auto locksmiths to program your new keys with ease and within a short period.
  4. There are many auto locksmiths in your area: You will be able to locate them quickly.
  5. There is a personal touch in their services: You will get to know the mechanics working on your car keys and even ask them questions.

Disadvantages of Local Auto Locksmith

  1. Your car warranty can be invalidated: New car keys replacements should be done at the dealership.
  2. There are scams: You must be very keen while selecting the local locksmiths.

How to Find Local Automotive Locksmith for Car Keys Replacement

The best way to locate and find reputable auto locksmith is through a referral and word of mouth recommendations. You can also use the yellow pages, online listings or through any professional locksmith organization which provides a detailed list of the licensed locksmiths.

The Dealership

The dealership offers the best car keys replacement services as they have ties with the auto manufacturers. Laser cut keys, smart keys, switchblade keys and other keys are conveniently replaced at the dealership. This is the best place to get a key that will work without any hitches, easily and quickly. You should just ensure that you visit a local dealer for your car model. If it’s a Ford, visit Ford dealership and if it’s a Honda, visit a Honda dealership.

Benefits of Replacing Your Car Keys through the Dealership

  1. You can request to have another set of car keys made after replacement: Incase you lose the renewed set; you will still be able to access your car with the second set of keys.
  2. Fast Service: Dealership values their clients. They serve all their customers within the shortest time possible.
  3. High-Quality Key Replacement: Dealership provides quality services compared to the auto locksmith as they receive the factory-authorized instructions. The replaced keys will operate exactly like the lost, broken or stolen ones.
  4. Great customer service and Customer satisfaction.
  5. The warranty can cover key replacements charges at the dealership: If you visit the local locksmiths, you will have to pay the replacement bills even if your warranty is still active. Nothing beats getting car keys replacements for free at the dealership.

The Disadvantages of the Dealership

  1. There is no personal touch: Your replacement request is handed over to the service manager and not the technician or mechanic. You will possibly meet new people with each visit.
  2. Dealership prices are higher compared to the automotive locksmith prices: You should, therefore, be prepared to pay more.

Whether you would like to replace an old car key, new electric car key or a malfunctioning key, the ball is in your court, and you are the one decided based on the size of your wallet and the model of your car. However, it is advisable that you should always check the instructions provided in your car’s user manual before you can take any steps. Call the dealers and ask if you are eligible for any warranties. Consider the dealership services as a last resort if you would like to save your cash.

Author: Larry White

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