The Most Expensive Locks On The Planet

Ever since man learnt how to create fire our creativity has sparked more and more innovations. With time our creativity led to the need for storage as we found ways to create surplus products and produce new ones through various skills. Barter trade became a key component of the human journey towards development and evolved into the modern day commerce. However this development came with its own set of challenges and one of them was insecurity. As the world developed from the Stone Age days to the present day, disparities became more evident as more people became far wealthier and others remained behind. The accumulation of wealth by society created a situation whereby those who wanted something the easy way began stealing from anybody who had it. This created demand for security services and related products all over as people looked for ways of securing their stuff from thieves. Locking things became the main way of securing things whether in a room, suitcase, vault, car, strong room, an entire house or any other lockable place to ensure that only those with permission can access a given item from the locked places.


Today there are a variety of locks of all kinds designed to meet all kinds of security requirements. A great number of people usually go for the highest quality they can afford as for most people good security is crucial. Usually the highest priced products are also considered the best quality in the market. So what are some of the most expensive locks on the planet today? Thanks to for the info.


1) Schlage Electronics AD-400 Series Networked Wireless Electronic Exit Trim Assembly is probably the most expensive lock in the market. The lock manufactured by the security products manufacturer Schlage electronics has a starting price of 1600 dollars depending on where you get. However it does have some impressive features such as the ability to communicate wirelessly hence one can trigger a central lockdown remotely apart from being able to control a central lockdown using it. The audit function is also helpful for monitoring access. The door lock comes in a pleasing satin chrome finish and is one of the most expensive lock available.


2) The PDL3000 US26D Trilogy from Alarm Lock Systems Inc. is also among the most expensive locks on the planet. The lock can be programmed to allow free passage or total lock out of groups or even auto lock or unlock when necessary. Be prepared to pay more than 1000 dollars for this remarkable product though.


Samsung3) Samsung Ezon Shs-5230 Fingerprint Digital Door LockSamsung are well known for their cool smartphones and other home electronics like TVs. However the company also makes some unique security products and the Ezon door lock is one of them. The product will set you back more than 600 dollars from most retailers. However it features a finger print reader and can also operate using PIN access too. A digital touch keypad is embedded in the lock to enable ease of opening when using PIN access.The anti-picking function is also very handy as is the automatic and manual locking modes supported by the Ezon lock from Samsung

4)Prox Lock No Keypad IC 26D Weatherized is also another expensive lock that one can buy in the market. This lock is priced at around 1500 dollars in the market.This access control lock comes in a brushed chrome finish and has features such as the tap and add capability which enables you to add batch users quickly compared to other lock systems.Using cards eliminates the problem of losing keys and reduces the costs of rekeying new ones.It also features a key override and has the ability to


Schlage Connect Century5)The Schlage Connect Century – Schlage is a popular locks manufacturer so it should come as no surprise that they have another product among the most expensive locks in the planet. The connection century lock is a robust lock that supports keyless, remote management capabilities and also has a nice touch screen that enables easy access and convenience. An inbuilt alarm also makes it easy to know when somebody attempts to break in or any unauthorised access when you’re not nearby.The lock costs around 300 dollars in major outlets and retail stores.

Author: Larry White

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