The Top Brands Of Locks In The United States

When it comes to settling on a new lock which brand should you choose? Consumers in the US, whether they are home or business owners, want the highest quality lock and key set. With this said, knowing which brands you can trust, which ones afford the highest level of security, and those offering the most innovative product lines available, are some factors which will help you determine on the brand to purchase. If you are on the market for a new lock set, these are some of the most trusted brands to consider purchasing in the US today.

1. Baldwin –

Baldwin1Synonymous with innovation this company has been in business since 1946. They offer unparalleled quality for locks as well as lock accessories. For those with a high end home or fancy decor outside your business, the company also sells high end, ornate lock sets, as well as the most technologically advanced lock sets for you to choose from. They are high quality, they are hand crafted, and they afford the highest level of protection for your home. The company even offers a lock designer if you want to build your own lock set, which is an individual who works with you in the design process.

2. Omnia –

Since 1964 the company has been offering high end lock systems in the US and other regions in the world. They offer simplistic designs, modern features, and offer lock accessories for customers to choose from, when selecting a high end, durable lock system. Customers can choose from nine different aluminum or brass settings with the company, allowing you to custom design a lock set which is going to match your home, or commercial business exterior space, when installing a new lock set.

3. Kwikset –

Kwikset logo2Not only is it one of the most well known name brands in locks in the US, the company has been around for years, offering high end, custom design, and new modern technologically advanced lock and key sets. Hand sets, dead bolts, padlocks, light commercial locks, electronic locks, and more options are available. Further, the company offers a discount price, in comparison to some of the top, “luxury” name brands in locks ,meaning you are going to receive high quality and security, for less than competitors charge for this well known name brand. They even offer the “smart’key” rekey system, allowing customers to rekey their own lock sets, which is yet another method to save on cost of new lock sets for consumers.

4. Schlage –

Yet another well known lock set name brand in the US which is synonymous with high quality and security. With over 90 years of industry experience, the company is one of the biggest in the industry and one of the most highly trusted for both commercial and residential customers who are looking to install new locks. They are highly known for building commercial grade strength lock sets, into residential properties, providing homeowners with the highest level of security possible when they choose these lock sets. The company sells a variety of locks, including dead bolts, door levers, electronic sets, padlocks, and electronic accessories. High quality and high style are some of the descriptive phrases which customers have come to know as it relates to this top brand name in the US.

5. Weiser –

Weiser1Since 1905, this company has been providing lock sets to US customers, and has become one of the top suppliers for both commercial and residential customers today. The company originally began making ornate custom design locks which were used in films, and eventually branched out to offering lock sets to all consumers. They focus on high fashion, high end designs, but also provide functional key lock sets, which are going to afford customers with the highest levels of security.

Due to the fact that there are a number of brand names for customers to choose from, if you want the best, these are some of the most well known and highly purchased brands in the US. With a variety of products, with affordable product lines, and with options which are both ornate in design, as well as provide the highest level of security, these companies have become synonymous with high quality lock sets, for US customers who wish to install new locks on their home or business.

Author: Larry White

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