Types of Door Locks

Currently, the technology is changing the world, so do the commercial door locks and your options, especially if you want to protect your home or business. Note that there are several options to secure your property. It is up to you to choose the option that suits your needs and budget.
Door locks can either be key or keyless entry systems. Keyless entry locks include touchscreen deadbolt and keypad style locks. On the other hand, there are variety of key locks on the market. They include padlocks, deadbolts, lever handle locks, cam locks rim or mortise locks, IC cylinders and so on. Thanks to The Sun Lakes Locksmith Pros for all the useful information.

Types of Commercial Door looks for Your Business

Keyless Entry Locks

keyless entry locksThese are more advanced security options that can deter thieves or burglars from robbing your property. Today, many top managers and business owners are worrying about the safety of their investments . Fortunately, keyless door locks offer them with a long lasting remedy since these kinds of locks are more secure than traditional locks. The good news is that keyless security systems can be customized to suit the varying neeeds of clients to ensure that they are protected at all times. Keyless options include:

Touchsceeen Deadbolt

Touchsceeen deadbolt offers a revolutionary top leading security for everything you require to safeguard. This lock comes with a voice guided programming and touchscreen technology, which are both convenient and inexpensive. Many people prefer this kind of lock because it has up to 25 unique codes that are easy to add or delete. It simple and easy to install, and supports a variety of languages in order to meet the set security standards.

Commercial Electronic Keypad Locks

If you have been looking for a reputable commercial door looks that match to your standards, then you can consider using commercial electronic keypad locks. Electronic keypad locks are customized with a wide range of codes for entry. This implies that you have to enter the right code in orderto gain access. It is secure and elegant.


This another keyless lock system that make use of genetic hallmarks as the only way to lock and open a door. Biometric is considered 99 percent secure. It uses a fingerprint scan system to take the details of the user so as to allow access or deny. If the details of the user do not match those in the system, he or she will notbe allowed to access the property. Door locks of these nature are simply amazing and simple.

Key Locks

key lockThere are several types of key locks available on the market, and choosing one can be a daunting process that calls for patience and time. The popular types include:


Padlaocks come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are affordable, portable and easy to recognize locks. Most of them require key to unlock or even lock, but other varieties of padlocks use keypad to lock or open the door. Sadly, they can be decoded. This means that they are not reliable for your home since they are vulnerable to thieves.


They are basically installed on the outer side of your door. Deadbolts are far better than the padlocks in terms of security. They are of three types: single, lockable and thumbturn and double. Single deadbolts are popular in the United States. These locks have a key cylinder on the outside and thumbturn on the inside to close or open the door.
Double deadbolt have cylinders on the inside and outside. In other words, double locks are more secure than single deadbolts since they require a key to open the door from the inside when the door is locked. This can lead to problems in case of fire or any other emergency. It is adviable to leave the key on the inside to reduce chances of risks in a situation of fire outbreak. On the other hand, lockable deadbolts are hybrids between single and double cylinder deadbolts. For this reason, they are more secure than both single and double cylinders.

Lever Handle Knobs

lever handle knobThey are commonly used for inner doors, especially in commercial settings. Lever locks are easier to open and install, but they can be the target of torque attacks.
Other types of looks you may consider incliude cam locks, interchangeable core cylinder, furniture locks, vending/T-handle locks and more.
Since there are many options to choose from, it is up to you to consider your commercial door locks and your options in order to make an informed decision.

Author: Larry White

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