Types Of File Cabinet Locks

Do you need a new lock for a file cabinet? Is it highly classified information that you need to protect in a business setting, or do you simply want to keep a few paper files locked up in the home? Depending on the answer to these, and other questions you have, customers are going to have different options to consider when choosing from the different types of file cabinet locks. These are a few lock systems to consider for file cabinet systems at home or in a commercial office. Big thanks to southglennlocksmith.com for all the useful info.

Tubular cylinder lock –

These typically fit the hole in the cabinet system most offices use. The lock is a long cylindrical shape which is opened using a round key. The bar inside the system latches to a portion of the cabinet’s interior, which provides the security, and keeps the system locked in place when not in use.

Lock bar –

Cabinet lock barA second option to consider when choosing locks for your filing cabinet is the lock bar system. These are typically installed to the cabinet’s exterior and are opened/closed using a traditional padlock for security. A great benefit with these systems is that it can replace a central system, allowing you to place one on each of the doors on your cabinet. If there are several drawers, this allows you to have a dedicated lock/key system for each of the drawers.

Electric lock systems –

Probably the most secure option, and these are typically used in commercial settings where highly classified information needs to remain classified. A code is used to open the locking mechanism in these lock systems. Another benefit is that you can set various codes, for different individuals in the office who should have access to the system. Further, many systems will replace the code lock each time the cabinet is opened/closed, which means no two codes are going to be alike.

Padlock –

PAdlock3A simple padlock can be placed on the exterior of your file cabinet if you have an older system, or something which simply has a circular edge or finish. You can set a code with padlocks or you can purchase a traditional key padlock system to use on your filing cabinet. Depending on the level of security sought, there are several different styles of padlocks from which you can choose, providing higher or lower level security, to protect the files which are contained in the filing cabinet you plan on placing the padlock on.

Again, the decision to invest in something more sophisticated such as an electronic lock system is one which most business owners are going to choose, versus a homeowner who requires low level security. Regardless of the level of security or type of documents you need to secure, and depending on the type of system you have in place, there is more than one option available to consider when choosing a new lock system. These are among the most popular options to consider, regardless of whether you are placing the locks on a home or a commercial filing cabinet system which is in place.

Author: Larry White

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