What are the Best Options for Exit Devices?

The primary function of exit devices is to offer easy egress, but nowadays you will find some exit devices which have some electronic accessories. These accessories are just to enhance their functional features of the device. However, when you want the best option for these devices, it is always good to first know where exactly you should install the exit devices. Let me inform you on this. The exit devices are usually installed on hollow metal doors and aluminum doors. Now that you know this let us look at where they are used, which types are there and tips to use while choosing the Best Options for Exit Devices. This discussion will mainly give you an insight so that when you go looking for the best exit device, you will be acquainted and know exactly what you want. Big thank you to the guys at Aurora Locksmith for the information.


Where are they used?

Exit devices are basically used in commercial buildings like offices, schools, care centers, restaurants, retail stores, Hospitals and the like. The primary function of the exit devices is to restrict entry and give free egrets in these buildings.

What are the types of Exit Devices available?

These types of exit devices are meant to enable you to know which one exactly should you go for. Actually, you only need that which will perfectly suit your needs since that will be the best option for you. Herre is the types.

Multi-Point Exit Devices

This is a combination of vertical rod and rim device. Its primary function is to offer three point latching enhancing a high security.

Rim Exit Device

This is the most common and very cost efficient. Its principal use finds its way to the single doors or pairs of doors that have vertical mullion in between the doors. In a pair of doors, it can be put on the side of the active door, and the double door strike is mounted on the door which is inactive.

Cable exit device

Cable exit deviceIs sometimes referred to as Vertical Rod. It is basically used for pairs of doors. Here, the latches are concealed inside the door or can also be surface-mounted on the face. To enhance security, the rods are hidden from view and the beautiful appearance of the door is still maintained.

Mortise Exit Device

mortiseThis is another type of exit device which is recommended where there is a requirement for high security. This is because heavy duty properties characterize it, and this makes it very hard to tamper with. It is designed to be mounted at the edge or door cavity.


After knowing all these types then now you can look at some styles that are available. This will simplify your choice even further. There are different forms of exit devices that you can choose from depending on which function you want it to perform for you.

Recessed exit device style

This style is suitable for those who wish to reduce the projection of the device from the door face. It needs the application of cut out on the door and this limits the users to a door material which is only hollow metal.

Touchpad exit device style

For those who wants to use electrified options then, this style can be the best choice for you. It has been preferred by many modern buildings.

Crossbar exit device style

This is usually suitable for aesthetic effects. However, due to the lack of space in the device, electrified options are limited.


Factors to consider when choosing the Best Options for Exit Devices

Now that you know what you should go for then let us look at the main factors to consider before making your choice.

Ease of installation

You need to give priority to those exit devices that are easy to install and even maintain. For this factor, I would recommend crossbar style since it performs best here. There is no restriction. You can even choose a lad rim device but with fewer parts and that which is easy to maintain. This is very vital to high traffic doors.

The safety of your property

For the satyr of your property, the choice you make should be that with adjustable strikes, hard steel latches. You can also decrease the risk of code damage by getting devices which has no openings for chains for the push rim devices.

Exterior options

It is usually meaningless to put trims on the doors which need to be opened from the outside. So it is important to decide on the exterior designs. If there is a necessity, you can use a lock cylinder or a pull handle or only a lock cylinder.

Variety of the options of exit devices

You need to go for that exit device which has a variety of options like the crossbar. The options should also be adjustable so as to fit the different door types.


Now with all these knowledge, you can go out and select the Best Options For Exit Devices that suits you the most.

Author: Larry White

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