What Is A Master Key?

A master key refers to a key that can open several locks, each of which also has its own key. This key is especially essential when an individual lock key is either misplaced or broken. Considering the purpose it serves, it is therefore imperative that this key be handled with the highest level of diligence it deserves. It should be properly tracked as a measure against having it ending up in the wrong hands and thereby posing security concerns. The custodian of this valuable key should be someone who enjoys the confidence of all the owners or users of the other rooms to which this key has access. Special thanks to lakewoodcolocksmith.com for all the useful information.

When Would A Master Key Be Necessary?

master key2The usage of a master key is not as common as the usage of the individual lock keys, and neither is its usage a preserve of its custodian. Though they should be uncommon in their occurrence, there are situations that normally prompt the usage of this key, and some of them are discussed below;
In the absence of the individual lock keys – An individual lock key could be missing or misplaced, and it is during this instance that the master key would come in handy. The usage of the master key should however be restricted, and its custodian should always ascertain the absence of the other keys before granting permission for the master key to be used.
In the event of security breaches- No home is new to security breaches, especially internally instigated ones. Given the fact that the individual lock keys are often many in number, security breaches might occur as a particular house resident or user may want to take advantage of the fact that the house has multiply access and use this to compromise the security of that particular house. This situation often calls for a rapid response on the part of the master key custodian. The custodian is expected to move with haste and confiscate all the other keys, as access to the room would now be controlled.

Storage And Tracking Of A Master Key

The custodian of a master key should be the prerogative of one person. This person should be one who enjoys the trust of all the others to whose house the master key has access. In most cases, it is normally kept by the patriarch of a family. In the interest of caution and security, the custodian of a master key should not be a frequent user of the houses to which the key can access.
While tracking the master key, due diligence should be observed, so that every movement of the key is known to the custodian As a general rule, the key should not change more hands than the actual cases that actually required to use it. It should be returned to the custodian from time to time while in use as a confirmation of its availability.

How To Get A Master Key

The best way to get a master key is from a locksmith. Locksmiths vary in area of specialization as well as degree of expertise. There are locksmiths who specialize in the making of master keys for residential areas, and the master keys they make are usually meant to access private rooms, food stores and even the gates. Other locksmiths specialize in master keys for commercial properties, and the areas they cover normally include control rooms and safes.
Getting the best master key will be greatly dependent on ones choice of a locksmith. At all cost, go for professionals for a professional locksmith will understand the specs of the locks and will therefore craft the best key that matches the design and functionality of the lock.

Is Master Key System A Welcome Concept?

Master Key systemOpinion is divided on whether to go or not to go for a master key system. Proponents of the idea claim it offers security back-ups in the event of loss of other keys. Opponents of this idea would however differ, and the reasons they give is that a master key system promotes laxity on the part of the holders of the other keys, and is in itself an inducement to the many security breaches common in many homes today.

In conclusion, all should understand that a master key is only meant to safeguard your lock against breakage for lack of its individual key. If security is so much a concern for many home owners, then the strength of the lock as opposed to the efficiency of a master key should take center stage.

Author: Larry White

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