Keeping Buildings Safe With A Mortise Lock

Keeping items in top notch security is often of great importance to many people, be it a homeowner or a business owner. Whether it is a place of residence or business, locks are found on nearly every door. One such lock that was once quite popular and is still in use today is the mortise lock.

Mortise Lock and it’s Uses

Mortise handleMortise locks have been available to the public for well over a century, and have certainly withstood the test of time. . Mortise locks are simply locks that must be inserted into the door by cutting out a portion of the door. This is so that the cylinder tube and tumbler can be inserted into the door, and the door knobs are erect on either side of the door. The door is often cut to a custom fit for the mortise lock, so to keep the lock tight and secure in the door. Although mortise locks are still used today, they are typically found on buildings that were constructed from years ago. Historic buildings and homes will often sport mortise locks. As time has progressed, so has the evolution of the mortise locks, and the need to have more security on doors.

For those that want a mortise lock on their doors today, it is often best to call a professional lock installer. This is because there is often much detailed work that is needed in the process of carving out the door to install the mortise lock. Woodworkers often have a special jig that can be used for the installation of the mortise lock. A typical homeowner will not be able to do this by themselves, and can run the risk of potentially ruining their door.

Mortise tumblerMortise locks commonly have a cylinder tumbler as well as door knob. This means that the lock to the mortise lock is located in the center of the door knob. The mortise lock operates by the user unlocking the lock thru the knob, and then turning the knob for entrance or locking it up for exit. There are a few mortise locks that work as a lever lock. This is often common in many office settings, and to the front doors of peopleç—´ homes. Mortise locks were not only common place in many homes, but still remain so as a form of protection and style. There are many mortise locks that are available today that are ornate in design, which only adds pizzazz to the mortise lock and its security.

Mortise locks are indeed one of the most common locks that are used on doors to this day. Many homeowners prefer to have a mortise lock on their door as it can take on a heavier load in regards to the weight of the lock and the door. Mortise locks are built durable, rugged and tough, and can withstand many home changes, including the test of time. The popularity of the mortise lock has not waned as they are certainly here to stay.

Author: Larry White

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