The Benefits Of Having A Key Fob

Losing your car keys, having them broken, bent or mistakenly locking them in the car can be quite frustrating, inconvenient and also expensive. However, key fobs could make losing your key a thing of the past. With a key fob, your days of struggling are over. With one push of a button, your trunk will be open. Below are some of the benefits of these remote starters and keyless entry devices:

Ease and Convenience in Driving

Find your carThis battery-powered device enhances the level of ease in the driving job. As just a press of a button is needed to operate the tasks, it offers the user a great convenience. In case your hands are full and occupied, this remote can be used to make the car entry quick and easy. If your car is parked in a large lot, this remote can help you in finding the location. Just pressing a button, headlights of your car will start flashing, and a distinct sound will be heard. Additionally, the key fob enables you to make your car temperature adequate by the time you’re ready to take it on the drive. With keyless remote technology, you need not check each door and the trunk if they are locked. Just by a click, you can ensure that your vehicle is properly locked.

Key Fob Devices Are Good For Your Safety

If you happen to be in an area that is not well-lit or not considered to be very safe, keyless remotes are a good thing to have. You could unlock your car doors quickly and get in your car much faster than you could if you were using a regular car key. You can also scare off thieves or other suspicious people by hitting the panic button on your keyless entry remote. This could help attract the attention of law enforcement or a concerned citizen, who in turn can call for help.

Keyless Entry Remotes Are Great For Parents

If you are a parent who is constantly on the go, you need a keyless entry remote. It’s tough trying to manage a busy little one while pushing a stroller or carrying a diaper bag. It’s even harder holding a child and trying to carry your shopping bags. With a keyless remote, you can open your trunk with ease and not worry about dropping your child in the process. Another way that keyless remotes can be a parent’s savior is during those times when your little one decides to lock the car doors with your ignition keys in it. If you have a spare keyless remote on hand, you can unlock the doors in a snap and avoid parental hysteria or a 911 call.

Variety of Functions

Technology has changed the world, so has the driving experience. It has bestowed us with several desirable features that contribute to a safe and stylish riding. Key fob remote entry is also one such feature; that enables a rider to perform several functions of the vehicle, with a tiny remote control device, from a significant distance. The remote can be used to lock/unlock the doors, switch on/off the ignition and to control some other functions of a vehicle. Besides this, the device facilitates an unbreakable security.

Protection from Theft

Setting Your car AlarmA key fob device can protect your car from theft attacks. Since the ignition remains immobilized unless the right code is transmitted, a thief can’t drive off your car. In the latest remote mechanism, the code changes after every transmission. Thus, scanning of code is almost impossible. This device can also arm/disarm the alarm if it’s installed in your car.

Easy to Operate and Use

The way a key fob works is quite easy to understand. In fact, it works in the same manner as a TV remote controller does. There are two apparatus, a small circuit chip, and an electronic receiver unit, on which the whole mechanism depends. The circuit chip transmits radio waves on a fixed frequency when the user presses the button on the remote controller. The receiver unit identifies the signal and verifies the code sent via radio waves. If the right code is transmitted, the electronic receiver unit allows operating the requested task. But, if the code received is not correct, the vehicle remains immobilized.


Remote keyless entry has become a popular feature in modern cars, with most of the car manufacturers embracing this technology. That’s why almost every new car comes equipped with the key fobs. This device can be added to an old car, and even can be replaced if you lose the original remote key. For a reliable company who can provide key fob replacement on reasonable rates, Visit Website.

Author: Larry White

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