Rekeying Verse Changing Your Locks

Before you settle on whether to change the locks or rekey your home, it is important to know what rekeying actually is. So, before you jump the gun and spend the extra money on a whole new lock and key set, and all new hardware, consider these important factors pertaining to both, and when it is best to rekey, or simply go ahead and change all hardware with a new lock set.

Rekeying –

rekeying a lockWhat exactly is rekeying? It involves changing the lock tumblers so all wafers are in an order which is different than they previously were. Effectively you keep the same lock and simply change out the keys. The new code from the lock tumblers is then matched with a new set of keys, and you basically have a brand new set, since the old keys will no longer work in the system. With all ANSI security grade 1 or higher systems, rekeying is an option that is available to you.

What are the benefits of rekeying versus changing the system? For starters there is no need for new hardware, so it is far more affordable than changing all lock sets. It is far more convenient, and you don’t have to worry about lock lines, repainting, or doing other work which is required when you completely change the lock set.

Although rekeying is far more convenient and is typically much cheaper, there are some instances in which you should consider simply changing out the hardware and spending a bit more for an entirely new lock set. So, when should you invest in a new lock set for your home? Consider these situations below.

Changing your locks –

lock replace1Although you are going to spend more money investing in new locks, there are certain situations in which you should bypass rekeying, and simply jump to invest in a new lock set. So, what are the situations in which you should consider a new lock and key set for your home? Consider these instances below to determine if it is time for you to invest in a new system.

1. Damage has occurred –

If a mishap has caused damage, if burglary has occurred, or if your home has otherwise been broken into and the lock set has been damaged, it is time to spring for a new lock set. It is also a good idea to consider it in the event of burglary (such as a recent break in around the neighborhood). When the assembly system and frames have been so worn down that rekeying them isn’t a possibility it is time to replace the old lock set with a new one.

2. Too old –

If your locks are older than your home, or if they are too old to find the parts for, you should consider new locks. If it is an antique set or if the manufacturer of your old set is no longer in business, these are signs that the time has come for a new lock set. Not only will this be cheaper than trying to shop around for parts, but new locks today are far more durable, offer far more intrusion and security protection, and you can find a new lock set for nearly any decor or style you wish to maintain, if you do like an older, eclectic theme for decorating the home’s exterior.

3. More security is needed –

Again, if a recent break in occurred where you live and you seek higher security, a new lock set provides far more than rekeying your old set. Or if your old locks have an inferior security level, you should consider upgrading to ANSI 1 level, in order to ensure optimal levels of security are attained in the home. Top brands not only offer these higher security, greater protection lock sets, but today you can find a variety of options, for much less than you would anticipate, when you have decided to replace your old lock set for your home.

When it comes to deciding between rekeying or replacing, these are some factors homeowners should consider. If any of the above have occurred, it might be time for you to consider replacing; otherwise, in many instances, rekeying affords the security you seek, and a far more affordable option for added security for your home.

Author: Larry White

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