What To Do and What Not To Do When Replacing a Lock

We all know that nothing is as good as change, especially when it comes to our safety. Sometimes that change includes changing the locks on our doors to ensure we are safe and secure. Nevertheless, we do not wake up one day and decide to change our door locks; there are certain reasons that push us to do so. Some of them include:

  • Wear and Tear: Rusted or worn out locks can compromise your home security. Aside from being easier to pick and break, old, worn out locks are more difficult to open legitimately with a key as time goes by.
  • Break-ins: You have to replace your door locks if you have had a robbery or break-in. The force involved in a break-in is strong enough to compromise the integrity of the mechanics of your door lock.
  • Stolen or lost Keys: If your keys are stolen or lost, you must replace the lock to ensure you are safe.
  • New Roommate: If you have rent out space in your home or have a new roommate, protect yourself by having your lock replaced.

Considering the detailed processes of lock replacement (removal of the lock, installation of the lock, removal of deadbolt, and installation of deadbolt), you may not want to mess up during this process. For this reason, it is imperative that you know the dos and don’ts to be on the safer side. Big thanks to the guys at Scottsdalelocksmithpros.net for all the helpful information.

Lock Replacement: The dos and don’ts

The Dos

Decide on whether you need a new door lock or the same brand: Determining whether you want to have the same lock brand or a new brand is highly essential because it will help you know whether to bring in some modifications. For example, if you have decided to go for a new brand, you may need to carry out some modifications. On the other hand, you may need a few or no modifications if you have decided to go for the same brand. Carrying out a modification when you change a door lock, say a mortise style lock to a night latch, allows the new lock to fit well.

changing vs rekeyingBe sure to remove the interior knob and the decorative cover before installing the new one: Having made a decision on which brand you will use, you now need to prepare for the replacement itself. For effective results, it is necessary that you remove the interior knob cautiously, and then proceed with care to remove the decorative cover. This should not take you long, especially if your door lock is based on a simple configuration. After removing the interior knob and the decorative cover, you now need to disassemble the parts to remove the latch.

Ensure the new door lock meets the requirements of the industry security standards: Although, it is usually overlooked, it is important to have a lock that satisfies the standards of the industry security. Locks that do not meet the set standards are likely to compromise your security as well as your insurance plans.

The Don’ts

locksmith9Do not replace the lock yourself if you are unsure of the procedure: Replacing a lock may result in far-reaching and catastrophic repercussions if it is done in the wrong way. Lock replacement is not a do-it-yourself task, which you can carry out using trial and error techniques. Given that it gives a new dimension to the security detail of your house, lock replacement should be considered a serious task that should only be carried out by professionals.

Do not go for a lower standard of the door lock: Door locks come in different standards. It is not advisable to replace your lock with one on a lower standard. Remember, the standards of the door lock you have usually affect security level, peace of mind and insurance. Opt for locks with higher standards to be on the safer side.

Do not change the size of your lock: Door locks are also available in different sizes. Sticking to the original size is highly recommended because it will help you avoid lock snapping. Be keen on the sizing description so that you do not find yourself misfitting after the replacement.

The first move in securing your home and property is having a properly locked door. While there are numerous lock replacement options, going for the best is always good. For instance, in the event you have had a break-in or robbery, you may need to replace the old lock with a new one of the same size but higher standard.

Author: Larry White

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